The Library and Information Access supports the information, curricular and research needs of the university's diverse community through the widest possible range of resources. We are committed to information literacy, lifelong learning, and creative endeavors in a welcoming environment.


The Library and Information Access aspires to be a flexible and experimental organization that encourages innovation and collaboration to meet the evolving information, curricular and research needs of SDSU. We will provide responsive and innovative public services and public spaces to the university and the community, foster information literacy, and create an intellectually stimulating environment through cultural events.

Core Values

The San Diego State University Library and Information Access core values are:

  • Exceptional service to library users, meeting their information and service needs
  • High quality collections responsive to the information and research needs of diverse learners in an environment of intellectual freedom
  • Information literacy and library instruction; helping users become independent researchers
  • The library as a welcoming environment for study, reflection, and participation in cultural activities
  • Intellectual and cultural diversity on the campus and in the community
  • Teamwork and partnerships with the campus and community

Service Pledge

The Library and Information Access is committed to a standard of excellence that places our users and their information needs at the core of everything we do.  To achieve this goal, we will:

  • Treat library visitors with courtesy, respect and dignity
  • Respond to user requests promptly and accurately
  • Build and maintain collections that are responsive to the research needs of the university community
  • Utilize innovative technology and strategies in our services
  • Provide a comfortable and inviting study and research facility
  • Instruct library users on new services and resources
  • Provide access to hardware and software tools supportive of the academic experience
  • Listen to user suggestions and incorporate them into assessment processes