Ticket stub from McGuinn concert

Dr. Seth Mallios, chair of SDSU's Anthropology Department and author of "Hail Montezuma! The Hidden Treasures of San Diego State," has compiled his picks for the 20 most important rock 'n' roll concerts at SDSU over the past 50 years.

He includes a wide range of concerts at venues such as Peterson Gym, Aztec Bowl, the Open Air Theater, the Backdoor, and Montezuma Hall.  Plus a bonus section of "25 Other San Diego State Concerts You Should Tell Your Friends You Saw—Even If You Didn’t."

This list was prompted by the Library's efforts to restore the student-created "Backdoor mural" that was in the now-demolished Aztec Center.  As Dr. Mallios says, this mural "is one of San Diego State’s most distinctive and expressive hidden treasures, one that we hope will be fully restored and on display in the Dome Library for all to see for generations to come." 

Read about efforts to save the Rock 'n' Roll Mural and learn how you can help.

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Top 20 rock 'n' roll concerts