Returning Library materials

All San Diego State Library materials may be returned to the circulation desk. Return receipts are available upon request. For borrowers' convenience, book returns are available for use both during and after hours. Materials returned after the circulation desk closes may not be checked in until the next day the library is open. Recalled items are due by the recall due date before the circulation desk closes.

Some materials must be returned only to the desk from which they were checked out. These are:

reserve materials
non-book items

(e.g., audio/video tapes and disks, microfiche, CD-Roms, maps, DVDs, equipment)

fragile materials

Materials other than the exceptions above may be returned to any of the library's book return or at drive-up book returns. Book returns are regularly cleared; nevertheless, returning books to a book return will delay their being checked in and may result in fines if the books are returned after the last time the book return is cleared for the day.

Book Return Locations

Please check material carefully before placing in Library book drops. The SDSU Library cannot be held responsible for non-library material returned to exterior book return bins or to the interior book drop on the 1st floor of the Library Addition. Non-library material found in book drops will be discarded or donated at Library discretion.

Drive-Up Book Returns

The drive-up book returns are located near the corner of Hardy Avenue and Campanile Drive in front of the SDSU Gateway Center.

Map of book returns

Book returns

Campus Book Returns

Campus book returns are found on the outside of the library and in front of the Arts and Letters Building. Library book returns are located near the main entrance of the Library Addition (Dome), at the entrance of the Student Computing Center, and on the north side of the Love Library.


Map of campus book returns


Picture of book return

Picture of book returns

Map of Arts and Letters Book Return

Arts and Letters Book Return

Returning by Mail

Please remember that books remain your responsibility until they are received and checked in at a circulation desk. If you are out of town, avoid late charges by maintaining your current email and postal mail address with the University, keeping up with the status of the materials you have checked out, and allowing sufficient time for return by mail.

If you return a book by mail, be aware that it may take more time than you expect to reach the library. Mail comes to campus, then to the  library, and then to the circulation desk. University staff may accept delivery of an item a day or two in advance of its being checked in at the library circulation desk. Using a form of mail that allows you to track a package will help you know it has been delivered.

Mailing Address:

          SDSU Library And Information Access

          Circulation Desk

          5500 Campanile Drive

          San Diego, CA 92182

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