SDSU Usage Statistics for Online Resources

These pages show usage statistics from 2008 through 2012 for the library's online resources, including online journals and databases. These statistics do not include all of the library's resources but are instead a snapshot of the kinds of information sources used by SDSU students and faculty.

About COUNTER Reports

From the COUNTER website: COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources), launched in 2002, is an international initiative to improve the reliability of online usage statistics. It is supported by the vendor, intermediary and librarian communities. COUNTER’s objective is to ensure that vendor online usage reports are credible, compatible and consistent. This is achieved by the publication of Codes of Practice that specify the content, format, delivery mechanisms and data processing rules for a set of core usage reports that are easily implemented by vendors and easily understood by librarians. For more information, please visit:


JR1 stands for “Journal Report 1” and relays the number of successful full-text article requests by month and journal title.



JR2 stands for “Journal Report 2” and gives the number of turnaways, or unsuccessful full-text article requests, by month and journal title.



DB1 is short for “Database Report 1” and shows the total number of searches and sessions broken down by month and database title.



DB2 is short for “Database Report 2” and displays the number of turnaways, or unsuccessful searches, broken down by month and database title.