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Apply for a Website on RohanCP

Websites may be hosted on RohanCP for faculty, Academic Affairs staff and departments. Student Organizations may be hosted through their organization’s faculty adviser. RohanCP provides virtual hosting at SDSU for websites using brief descriptive names. Good names are easy to type and help people remember your website.  For example:,,

Setting up virtual hosting is a two step process:
    1) The RohanCP administrator will set up a RohanCP account using a unique website name.
    2) The new website name is registered with the campus DNS servers by the IT Security Office.

Registering the your new website's name with the IT Security Office may take up to 5 days, but usually only takes one day.  An email message will be sent to you when the setup has been completed.

Requesting A Website Name

  • Choose a name that is not too long or confusing so folks can remember and actually type it.
  • Use only letters (abc), numbers (123) and hyphens (-).  Spaces are not allowed and the name can't begin or end with a hyphen.
  • Your new website's name must be unique from others used at SDSU.
  • Please verify your desired website name is available. Typing is optional:

Request virtual hosting by sending an email to with the following information:

Website Name:
Faculty/Staff Name:
Campus Department:
Campus Phone Number: Address:
Using WordPress (yes/no):

If you previously had a website on before ROHAN was retired on June 5, 2017, and would like the old contents copied to your new site, let us know.  Faculty may request website redirects from old URLs to their new website's URL.

Off campus access to SSH, SFTP, cPanel, and wp-admin is limited to authorized IP Addresses. We strongly recommend using the campus VPN when away from campus to update your website. Contact your department for info on installing and using the campus Palo Alto VPN. The VPN doesn't care where you are, and provides secure access to SDSU computer systems as if you where on campus.

If you do not have the campus VPN software, we can allow access to RohanCP for updates from your IP address. Your IP Address is
Please note, if your off campus IP address changes, you will lose access if you are not using the campus VPN.

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Location: Love Library 2nd Floor
Phone: 619.594.3189

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