New Materials: Computer Science

  1. DevOps: Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes : get hands-on recipes to automate and manage Linux containers with the Docker 1.6 environment and jump-start your Puppet development / Thomas Uphill, John Arundel, Neependra Khare, Hideto Saito, Hui-Chuan Chloe Lee, Ke-Jou Carol Hsu
  2. Linux : powerful server administration : recipes for CentOS 7, RHEL 7, and Ubuntu server administration : a course in three modules
  3. Python : data analytics and visualization : understand, evaluate, visualize data / Phuong Vo. T.H., Martin Czygan, Ashish Kumar, Kirthi Raman
  4. The DevOps 2.1 toolkit : Docker Swarm : building, testing, deploying, and monitoring services inside Docker Swarm clusters / Viktor Farcic
  5. Flask : building Python web services : unleash the full potential of the Flask web framework by creating small to large and powerful web applications : a course three modules
  6. Docker bootcamp : less is more with Docker / Russ McKendrick, Pethuru Raj, Jeeva S. Chelladhurai, Vinod Singh
  7. C# 7 and .NET Core cookbook : quick solutions to common programming problems with the latest features of C# 7.0, .NET Core 1.1, and Visual Studio 2017 / Dirk Strauss
  8. Swift functional programming : build clean, smart, and reliable applications with Swift functional programming / Fatih Nayebi
  9. Getting started with Gulp : create powerful automations with Gulp to improve the efficiency of your web project workflow / Travis Maynard
  10. Java 9 with JShell : introducing a full range of Java 9's new features via JShell / Gastón C. Hillar
  11. Learning Java Lambdas : an in-depth look at one of the most important features of modern Java / Toby Weston
  12. C# 7 and .NET Core modern cross-platform development : create powerful cross-platform applications using C# 7, .NET Core, and Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code / Mark J. Price
  13. Deep learning with Keras : implement neural networks with Keras on Theano and TensorFlow / Antonio Gulli, Sujit Pal
  14. The node craftsman book : an advanced node.js tutorial / Manuel Kiessling
  15. Game development patterns and best practices : better games, less hassle / John P. Doran, Matt Casanova
  16. AWS administration cookbook : harness the full capability of AWS / Lucas Chan, Rowan Udell
  17. Python data analysis : data manipulation and complex data analysis with Python / Armando Fandango
  18. Learning Apache Cassandra : managing fault-tolerant and scalable data / Sandeep Yarabarla
  19. Learning data mining with Python : use Python to manipulate data and build predictive models / Robert Layton
  20. JavaScript : moving to ES2015 : explore and master modern JavaScript techniques with ES2015 in order to build large-scale web applications / Ved Antani, Simon Timms, Narayan Prusty
  21. PHP microservices : transit from monolithic architectures to highly available, scalable, and fault-tolerant microservices / Carlos Pérez Sánchez, Pablo Solar Vilarińo
  22. Beginning C++ programming : this is the start of your journey into the most powerful language available to the programming public / Richard Grimes
  23. Java 9 concurrency cookbook : master the art of fast, effective Java development with the power of concurrent and parallel programming / Javier Fernández González
  24. PowerShell : automating administrative tasks : learn PowerShell from the inside out, right from basic scripting all the way to becoming a master at automating, managing, and maintaining your Windows environment / Michael Shepard, Chendrayan Venkatesan, Sherif Talaat, Brenton J.W. Blawat
  25. Game physics cookbook : discover over 100 easy-to-follow recipes to help you implement efficient game physics and collision detection in your games / Gabor Szauer
  26. Java data science cookbook : explore the power of MLlib, DL4j, Weka and more / Rushdi Shams
  27. Building Blockchain projects : develop real-time practical DApps using Ethereum and JavaScript / Narayan Prusty
  28. Everyday data structures : a practical guide to learning data structures simply and easily / William Smith
  29. D3.js 4.x data visualization : learn to visualize your data with JavaScript / Ćndrew Rininsland, Swizec Teller
  30. Enterprise application architecture with .NET Core : an architectural journey into Microsoft .NET open source platform / Ganesan Senthilvel, Ovais Mehboob Ahmed Khan, Habib Ahmed Qureshi
  31. DevOps with Windows Server 2016 : obtain enterprise agility and continuous delivery by implementing DevOps with Windows Server 2016 / Ritesh Modi
  32. Software architecture with Python : design and architect highly scalable, robust, clean, and high performance applications in Python / Anand Balachandran Pillai
  33. Java 9 programming by example : your guide to software development / Peter Verhas
  34. Vue.js 2 cookbook : build modern, interactive web applications with Vue.js / Andrea Passaglia
  35. Python programming with Raspberry Pi : build small yet powerful robots and automation systems with Raspberry Pi Zero / Sai Yamanoor, Srihari Yamanoor
  36. Learning Ionic : build hybrid mobile applications with HTML5, SCSS, and Angular / Arvind Ravulavaru
  37. React Native by example : leverage the full potential of the React Native framework to build and deploy your own native mobile applications for iOS and Android / Richard Kho ; foreword by Tyler McGinnis, partner at React Training
  38. HoloLens beginner's guide : join the AR revolution with HoloLens / Jason M. Odom
  39. Oracle Business Intelligence enterprise edition 12c : build your organization's Business Intelligence system / Adrian Ward, Christian Screen, Haroun Khan
  40. Python deep learning : next generation techniques to revolutionize computer vision, AI, speech and data analysis / Valentino Zocca, Gianmario Spacagna, Daniel Slater, Peter Roelants
  41. Implementing Cisco UCS solutions : a hands-on guide to deploy, manage, troubleshoot and automate Cisco UCS solutions in the data center / Anuj Modi, Farhan Ahmed Nadeem, Prasenjit Sarkar
  42. Building cross-platform desktop applications with Electron : create impressive cross-platform desktop applications with Electron and Node / Muhammed Jasim
  43. Mastering OpenStack : discover your complete guide to designing, deploying, and managing OpenStack-based clouds in mid-to-large IT infrastructures with best practices, expert understanding, and more / Omar Khedher, Chandan Dutta Chowdhury
  44. Raspberry Pi Zero cookbook : delve into the practical world of the Raspberry Pi Zero / Edward Snajder
  45. Expert data visualization : breathe life into your data by learning how to use D3.js V4 to visualize information / Jos Dirksen
  46. PHP reactive programming : leverage the power of reactive programming with PHP / Martin Sikora
  47. Mastering full-stack React web development : dynamic and forward-thinking JavaScript web development / Tomasz Dyl, Kamil Przeorski
  48. iOS programming cookbook : over 50 exciting and powerful recipes to help you unearth the promise of iOS programming / Hossam Ghareeb
  49. Java 9 data structures and algorithms : a step-by-step guide to data structures and algorithms / Debasish Ray Chawdhuri
  50. Containerization with LXC : get acquainted with the world of LXC / Konstantin Ivanov
  51. Learning Windows Server Containers : build and deploy high-quality portable apps faster / Srikanth Machiraju
  52. Learning Apache Spark 2 : process big data with the speed of light! / Muhammad Asif Abbasi
  53. Learning ServiceNow : get started with ServiceNow administration and development to manage and automate your IT Service Management processes / Tim Woodruff
  54. PostgreSQL administration cookbook : effective database management using PostgreSQL 9.5/9.6 / Simon Riggs, Gianni Ciolli, Gabriele Bartolini
  55. Mastering Spark for data science : master the techniques and sophisticated analytics used to construct Spark-based solutions that scale to deliver production-grade data science products / Andrew Morgan, Antoine Amend, Matthew Hallett, David George ; foreword by Harry Powell
  56. Hybrid mobile development with Ionic : build high performance hybrid applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript / Gaurav Saini
  57. PostgreSQL high performance cookbook : mastering query optimization, database monitoring, and performance-tuning for PostgreSQL / Chitij Chauhan, Dinesh Kumar
  58. Big data visualization : learn effective tools and techniques to separate big data into manageable and logical components for efficient data visualization / James D. Miller
  59. Kali Linux intrusion and exploitation cookbook : over 70 recipes for system administrators or DevOps to master Kali Linux 2 and perform effective security assessments / Dhruv Shah, Ishan Girdhar
  60. Troubleshooting Docker : strategically design, troubleshoot, and automate Docker containers from development to deployment / Vaibhav Kohli, Rajdeep Dua, John Wooten
  61. Mastering Java for data science : building data science applications in Java / Alexey Grigorev
  62. Swift style : an opinionated guide to an opinionated language / by Erica Sadun
  63. iOS 10 SDK development : creating iPhone and iPad apps with Swift / by Chris Adamson with Janie Clayton
  64. Linux for Makers : understanding the operating system that runs Raspberry Pi and other maker SBCs / Aaron Newcomb
  65. Think like a data scientist : tackle the data science process step-by-step / Brian Godsey
  66. OAuth 2 in action / Justin Richer, Antonio Sanso
  67. Rx.NET in action / Tamir Dresher
  68. Type-driven development with Idris / Edwin Brady
  69. Anyone can create an app : beginning iPhone and iPad programming / Wendy L. Wise
  70. Exam ref 70-768 developing SQL data models / Stacia Varga
  71. Exam ref 70-761 querying data with Transact-SQL / Itzik Ben-Gan
  72. Adaptive code : agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles / Gary McLean Hall
  73. Inside out : Windows Server 2016 / Orin Thomas
  74. Jump start responsive web design / by Chris Ward
  75. The expert test manager : guide to the ISTQB expert level certification / Rex Black, Leo van der Aalst, James L. Rommens
  76. Designing agentive technology : AI that works for people / Christopher Noessel
  77. Why elm? / Matthew Griffith
  78. Securing node applications : protecting against OWASP Top 10 risks / Chetan Karande
  79. How to containerize your Go code / Liz Rice
  80. Think Perl 6 : how to think like a computer scientist / Laurent Rosenfeld ; with Allen B. Downey
  81. Defensive security handbook : best practices for securing infrastructure / Lee Brotherston and Amanda Berlin
  82. Learning React : functional web development with React and Redux / Alex Banks and Eve Porcello
  83. Mobile app development with Ionic 2 : cross-platform apps with Ionic, Angular, and Cordova / Chris Griffith
  84. Spock, up and running : writing expressive tests in Java and Groovy / Rob Fletcher
  85. Spark, the definitive guide : big data processing made simple / Bill Chambers, Matei Zaharia
  86. Essential Docker for ASP.NET Core MVC / Adam Freeman
  87. Usage-driven database design : from logical data modeling through physical schema definition : taming NoSQL and relational schemas / George Tillmann
  88. Pro RESTful APIs : design, build and integrate with REST, JSON, XML and JAX-RS / Sanjay Patni
  89. Test driven development in Ruby : a practical introduction to TDD using problem and solution domain analysis / Bala Paranj
  90. Java 9 revealed : for early adoption and migration / Kishori Sharan
  91. Spinning up ServiceNow : IT service managers' guide to successful user adoption / Gabriele Kahlout
  92. Beginning Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c : build next-generation enterprise portals with Oracle WebCenter Portal / Vinay Kumar, Daniel Merchán García
  93. Oracle SQL tuning with Oracle SQLTXPLAIN : Oracle database 12c edition / Stelios Charalambides
  94. Pro Python best practices : debugging, testing and maintenance / Kristian Rother
  95. Pro SQL server relational database design and implementation / Louis Davidson with Jessica Moss ; foreword by Kalen Delaney
  96. Spring Boot messaging : messaging APIs for enterprise and integration solutions / Felipe Gutierrez
  97. C from theory to practice [electronic resource] / George S. Tselikis, Nikolaos D. Tselikas
  98. RapidMiner [electronic resource] : data mining use cases and business analytics applications / edited by Markus Hofmann, Ralf Klinkenberg
  99. A concise introduction to data structures using Java [electronic resource] / Mark J. Johnson
  100. Computer system reliability [electronic resource] : safety and usability / B.S. Dhillon
  101. Introduction to software project management / Adolfo Villafiorita
  102. Android cookbook : problems and solutions for Android developers / Ian Darwin
  103. Android security [electronic resource] : attacks and defenses / Abhishek Dubey, Anmol Misra
  104. The internet of things in the cloud [electronic resource] : a middleware perspective / Honbo Zhou
  105. Granular computing [electronic resource] : analysis and design of intelligent systems / Witold Pedrycz
  106. Identification and management of distributed data [electronic resource] : NGN, content-centric networks and the web / Giovanni Bartolomeo, Tatiana Ková?iková
  107. Knowledge service engineering handbook [electronic resource] / edited by Jussi Kantola, Waldemar Karwowski
  108. Software and systems architecture in action / Raghvinder S. Sangwan
  109. Handbook on mobile and ubiquitous computing [electronic resource] : status and perspective / edited by Laurence T. Yang, Evi Syukur, Seng W. Loke
  110. Knowledge science [electronic resource] : modeling the knowledge creation process / edited by Yoshiteru Nakamori
  111. Introduction to cryptography with open-source software [electronic resource] / Alasdair McAndrew
  112. Darkweb cyber threat intelligence mining / John Robertson [and six others]
  113. Hacking the hacker : learn from the experts who take down hackers / Roger A. Grimes
  114. Windows 10 anniversary update bible / Rob Tidrow, Jim Boyce, Jeffrey R. Shapiro
  115. Algorithms for dummies / John Paul Mueller, Luca Massaron
  116. Java all-in-one for dummies / Doug Lowe
  117. Fog for 5G and IoT / edited by Mung Chiang, Bharath Balasubramanian, Flavio Bonomi
  118. Signal processing and networking for big data applications / Zhu Han, Mingyi Hong, Dan Wang
  119. Demystifying embedded systems middleware [electronic resource] / Tammy Noergaard
  120. Confident coding : master the fundamentals of code and supercharge your career / Rob Percival
  121. MCSA 70-740 cert guide : installation, storage, and compute with Windows Server 2016 / Anthony Sequeira
  122. Linus for developers : jumpstart your Linux programming skills / William "Bo" Rothwell
  123. Unreal Engine VR cookbook : developing virtual reality with UE4 / Mitch McCaffrey
  124. CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND 210-250 official cert guide / Omar Santos, Joseph Muniz, Stefano de Crescenzo
  125. 31 days before your CCNA routing & switching exam : a day-by-day review guide for the ICND1/CCENT (100-105), ICND2 (200-105), and CCNA (200-125) certification exam / Allan Johnson
  126. Sams teach yourself Hadoop in 24 hours / Jeffrey Aven
  127. 3D user interfaces : theory and practice / Joseph J. LaViola Jr. [and four others]
  128. Windows internals. Part 1, System architecture, processes, threads, memory management, and more / Pavel Yosifovich, Alex Ionescu, Mark E. Russinovich, and David A. Solomon
  129. Research methods for cyber security / Thomas W. Edgar, David O. Manz
  130. Advances in computers. Volume 105 / edited by Atif M. Memon
  131. Computer and information security handbook / editor, John R. Vacca
  132. Game usability [electronic resource] : advice from the experts for advancing the player experience / by Katherine Isbister, Noah Schaffer
  133. To improve cybersecurity, think like a hacker / José Esteves, Elisabete Ramalho, Guillermo de Haro
  134. Optimizing Java / Benjamin J Evans and James Gough
  135. Pro Angular : learn to harness the power of modern web browsers from within your application's code / Adam Freeman
  136. Java XML and JSON / Jeff Friesen
  137. Go recipes : a problem-solution approach / Shiju Varghese
  138. Pro ASP.NET Core MVC : develop cloud-ready web applications using Microsoft's latest framework, ASP.NET Core MVC / Adam Freeman
  139. Beginning Python : from novice to professional / Magnus Lie Hetland