1. Chicano legacy 40 años / Cinemaviva presents in association with Fuerza Mundo ; written, edited, and directed by Horacio Jones ; executive producer, Mario Torero
  2. Fruitvale Station / The Weinstein Company presents ; a Significant production ; written and directed by Ryan Coogler ; produced by Nina Yang Bongiovi, Forest Whitaker ; executive producer, Michael Y. Chow
  3. Finding Forrester / Columbia Pictures presents a Laurence Mark production in association with Fountainbridge Films ; produced by Laurence Mark ; written by Mike Rich ; directed by Gus Van Sant
  4. Serial mom [videorecording] / Focus Features ; Savoy Pictures presents a Polar Entertainment production ; a film by John Waters ; produced by John Fiedler and Mark Tarlov ; written and directed by John Waters
  5. Black history [videorecording] : a retrospective / Cine-O-Matic, Inc
  6. Awakenings [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a Lasker/Parkes production ; a Penny Marshall film ; screenplay by Steven Zaillian ; produced by Walter F. Parkes and Lawrence Lasker ; directed by Penny Marshall
  7. Mrs. Doubtfire / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Blue Wolf production ; a Chris Columbus film ; produced by Marsha Garces Williams, Robin Williams and Mark Radcliffe ; screenplay by Randi Mayem Singer and Leslie Dixon ; directed by Chris Columbus
  8. The Canary Effect : Kill the Indian, Save the Man / Ananda Entertainment ; Bastard Fairy Films ; written by Robin Davey ; produced by Robin Davey & Yellow Thunder Woman ; directed by Robin Davey and Yellow Thunder Woman
  9. Native Americans [videorecording] : a tribute / directed by James Stewart ; written by James Stewart & Wayne Clark ; produced by Native American Productions
  10. An officer and a gentleman [videorecording] / Paramount Picture presents ; a Lorimar production in association with Martin Elfand ; a Taylor Hackford film ; written by Douglas Day Stewart ; produced by Martin Elfand ; directed by Taylor Hackford
  11. Independence day [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Centropolis Entertainment production ; written by Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich ; produced by Dean Devlin ; directed by Roland Emmerich
  12. The man in the moon [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Mark Rydell production ; a Robert Mulligan film ; written by Jenny Wingfield ; produced by Mark Rydell ; directed by Robert Mulligan
  13. Men of honor [videorecording] / Fox 2000 Pictures presents a State Street Pictures production; directed by George Tillman, Jr. ; Executive producers, Bill Cosby, Stanley Robertson; produced by Robert Teitel and Bill Badalato ; written by Scott Marshall Smith
  14. Swing kids [videorecording] / Hollywood Pictures presents ; in association with Touchwood Pacific Partners I ; directed by Thomas Carter ; written by Jonathan Marc Feldman ; produced by Mark Gordon, John Bard Manulis
  15. Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman / CBS presents a Roxbury and Punch production ; produced by Robert F. Colesberry ; directed by Volker Schlondorff
  16. My cousin Vinny [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents, in association with Peter V. Miller Investment Corp. ; a Dale Launer production ; written by Dale Launer ; produced by Dale Launer and Paul Schiff ; directed by Jonathan Lynn
  17. A lesson before dying [videorecording] / Spanky Pictures production in association with Ellen M. Krass Productions ; producer, Robert Benedetti ; teleplay by Ann Peacock ; directed by Joseph Sargent
  18. Africa [videorecording] : eye to eye with the unknown / series producer, James Honeyborne ; producers, Hugh Pearson ... [et al.]
  19. The universe. The complete season six [videorecording] / created by Tony Long
  20. The universe. The complete season five [videorecording] / produced by Flight 33 Productions for History Television Network productions ; director, Douglas J. Cohen ; producer, Samuel K. Dolan
  21. The universe. The complete season four / produced by Flight 33 Productions, LLC for History Television Network Productions ; executive producers, Louis C. Tarantino, Douglas J. Cohen ; episode directors, Rob Beemer, Douglas J. Cohen, Frank Kosa, Louis C. Tarantino, Jim Hense, Laura Verklan, Darryl Rehr, Colin Campbell ; episode writers, Rob Beemer, Frank Kosa, Jim Hense, Adrian Maher, Laura Verklan, Darryl Rehr, Savas Georgalis, Colin Campbell
  22. Joseph Campbell and the power of myth / executive producers, Joan Konner, Alvin H. Perlmutter ; series producer, Catherine Tatge ; a production of Apostrophe S Productions, Inc., in association with Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc., Public Affairs Television, Inc. ; presented by WNET, New York, WTTW, Chicago
  23. Western philosophy / Cromwell Productions ; written by Malcolm Seymour ; filmed & directed by Trevor Green ; producer, Audrey Healy
  24. From Jesus to Christ [videorecording] : the first Christians / a Frontline coproduction with InVision Productions, Ltd. ; WGBH Boston ; WTVS Detroit ; WPBT Miami ; WNET New York, and KCTS Seattle ; written and produced by Marilyn Mellowes ; senior producer and director, William Cran
  25. Understanding Islam [videorecording]
  26. Israel, a nation is born [videorecording] : with Abba Eban, a personal witness / produced by Moreshet Israel ; producer : Haggai Pinsker ; writer, John Lord ; editor-in-chief and narrator, Abba Eban ; edited by A.H. Nadler, Amir Meirom, Gill Balshai ; exec. producer: Avi Almog
  27. Mythos III. The Shaping of the Western tradition [videorecording] / Joseph Campbell Foundation ; Acacia ; producer and project director, Robert Walter
  28. Queen Victoria's empire [videorecording] / produced by Brook Lapping Productions for PBS and Devillier Donegan Enterprises in association with Channel 5 and the History Channel (UK) ; series written, produced and directed by Paul Bryers ; directed and edited by Paul Burgess
  29. Story of England [videorecording] / written and presented by Michael Wood ; producer, Rebecca Dobbs
  30. Conquistadors [videorecording] / written and presented by Michael Wood ; director, David Wallace ; produced by Rebecca Dobbs ; a Maya Vision International Production for PBS and BBC
  31. Korea : the forgotten war, 1950-1953 / Timeless Media Group present a Timeless Media Group production ; producer and film editor, Gabriel Cooley ; written by Paul Hanson, Gabriel Cooley, Jack Radey
  32. This film is restricted [videorecording] : World War II "secrets" revealed. Disc 1 / Dastar presents a Timeless Media Group production
  33. Stephen Hawking's universe [videorecording] / series producer, David Filkin ; series director, Philip Martin ; executive producer, William Grant ; Thirteen/WNET/Uden Associates/David Filkin Enterprises co-production in association with BBC-TV ; Educational Broadcasting Corporation
  34. Women and spirituality [videorecording] : the goddess trilogy / National Film Board of Canada ; directed by Donna Read
  35. Island of hope -- island of tears [videorecording] : the story of Ellis Island : the American Immigration experience / produced by Guggenheim Productions, Inc. ; a film by Charles Guggenheim
  36. The Dust Bowl [videorecording] / a Florentine Films production ; directed by Ken Burns ; written by Dayton Duncan ; produced by Dayton Duncan, Ken Burns, Julie Dunfey ; produced in association with WETA Washington, DC ; [a film by Ken Burns]