New Materials: Engineering

  1. ESP8266 Internet of Things cookbook : over 50 recipes to help you master the ESP8266's functionality / Marco Schwartz
  2. MQTT essentials : a lightweight IoT protocol : the preferred IoT publish-subscribe lightweight messaging protocol / Gastón C. Hillar
  3. D3.js : cutting-edge data visualization : turn your raw data into real knowledge by creating and deploying complex data visualizations with D3.js / Ćndrew Rininsland, Michael Heydt, Pablo Navarro Castillo
  4. Mastering Ansible : master the ins and outs of advanced operations with Ansible / Jesse Keating
  5. Learning C for Arduino : a comprehensive guide that will help you ace C's fundamentals using the powerful Arduino board / Syed Omar Faruk Towaha
  6. OpenCV 3 computer vision application programming cookbook : recipes to help you build computer vision applications that make the most of the popular C++ library OpenCV 3 / Robert Laganiere
  7. Data visualization with D3 4.x cookbook : discover over 65 recipes to help you create breathtaking data visualizations using the latest features of D3 / Nick Zhu
  8. Vulkan cookbook : work through recipes to unlock the full potential of the next generation graphics API--Vulkan / Pawel Lapinski
  9. Mastering OpenCV 3 : gets hands-on with practical Computer Vision using OpenCV 3 / Daniel Lélis Baggio [and five others]
  10. Applied network security : master the art of detecting and averting advanced network security attacks and techniques / Arthur Salmon, Warun Levesque, Michael McLafferty
  11. enterprise architecture : architect and deliver packaged applications that cater to enterprise business needs / Andrew Fawcett ; foreword by Joshua Birk
  12. Building Bluetooth low energy systems : take your first steps in IoT / Muhammad Usama bin Aftab
  13. Process control design for industrial applications / Dumitru Popescu, Amira Gharbi, Dan Stefanoiu, Pierre Borne
  14. ServiceNow IT operations management : demystifying IT operations management / Ajaykumar Guggilla
  15. Arduino for kids : a cool guide to help kids develop robots and electronics / Priya Kuber, Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar, Vijay Varada ; foreword by Dhairya Dand, Anirudh Sharma
  16. ROS robotics projects : build a variety of awesome robots that can see, sense, move, and do a lot more using the powerful Robot Operating System / Lentin Joseph
  17. Serverless architectures on AWS : with examples using AWS Lambda / Peter Sbarski
  18. Take control of your online privacy / by Joe Kissell
  19. Arduino playground : geeky projects for the experienced maker / Warren Andrews
  20. Practical packet analysis : using Wireshark to solve real-world network problems / by Chris Sanders
  21. Artificial intelligence : teaching machines to think like people : perspectives from leading practitioners in AI and the science of the brain / Jack Clark
  22. Tragic design : the impact of bad product design and how to fix it / Jonathan Shariat, Cynthia Savard Saucier
  23. Raspberry Pi image processing programming : develop real-life examples with Python, Pillow, and SciPy / Ashwin Pajankar
  24. Pro HTML5 with CSS, JavaScript, and multimedia : complete website development and best practices / Mark J. Collins
  25. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 : the Mayan adventure / Mark Bell, James Floyd Kelly
  26. IoT solutions in Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite : data acquisition and analysis in the real world : building for the Internet of Things / Scott Klein
  27. Elementary flight dynamics with an introduction to bifurcation and continuation methods [electronic resource] / Nandan K. Sinha, N. Ananthkrishnan
  28. Electric power distribution engineering [electronic resource] / Turan Gönen
  29. Tracking control of linear systems [electronic resource] / Lyubomir T. Gruyitch
  30. Fundamentals in modeling and control of mobile manipulators [electronic resource] / Zhijun Li, Shuzhi Sam Ge
  31. Modern power system analysis [electronic resource] / Turan Gönen
  32. Physical layer security in wireless communications [electronic resource] / edited by Xiangyun Zhou, Lingyang Song, Yan Zhang
  33. Unit and ubiquitous Internet of things [electronic resource] / Huansheng Ning
  34. Chaotic signals in digital communications [electronic resource] / Marcio Eisencraft, Romis Attux, Ricardo Suyama, [editors]
  35. Radiophysical and geomagnetic effects of rocket burn and launch in the near-the-earth environment [electronic resource] / Leonid F. Chernogor, Nathan Blaunstein
  36. Disturbance observer-based control [electronic resource] : methods and applications / Shihua Li ... [et al.]
  37. Ad hoc mobile wireless networks [electronic resource] : principles, protocols, and applications / Subir Kumar Sarkar, T.G. Basavaraju, C. Puttamadappa
  38. Technology computer aided design [electronic resource] : simulation for VLSI MOSFET / edited by Chandan Kumar Sarkar
  39. General aviation security [electronic resource] : aircraft, hangars, fixed-base operations, flight schools, and airports / Daniel J. Benny
  40. Parallel science and engineering applications [electronic resource] : the Charm++ approach / edited by Laxmikant V. Kale, Abhinav Bhatele
  41. Technical writing [electronic resource] : a practical guide for engineers and scientists / Phillip A. Laplante
  42. Iris biometric model for secured network access [electronic resource] / Franjieh El Khoury
  43. Green communications [electronic resource] : theoretical fundamentals, algorithms and applications / edited by Jinsong Wu, Sundeep Rangan, Honggang Zhang
  44. Green communications and networking / edited by F. Richard Yu, Xi Zhang, Victor C.M. Leung
  45. Classical feedback control [electronic resource] : with MATLAB and Simulink / Boris J. Lurie and Paul J. Enright
  46. Aging power delivery infrastructures [electronic resource] / H. Lee Willis, Randall R. Schrieber
  47. Piezoelectric materials and devices [electronic resource] : applications in engineering and medical sciences / M.S. Vijaya
  48. IT release management [electronic resource] : a hands-on guide / Dave Howard
  49. Security and privacy in smart grids [electronic resource] / edited by Yang Xiao
  50. Optimal resource allocation for distributed video communication [electronic resource] / Yifeng He, Ling Guan, Wenwu Zhu
  51. Multimedia communications and networking [electronic resource] / Mário Marques da Silva
  52. Handbook of 3D machine vision [electronic resource] : optical metrology and imaging / edited by Song Zhang
  53. Remanufacturing modeling and analysis [electronic resource] / Mehmet Ali Idg?n, Surendra M. Gupta
  54. Semiconductor packaging [electronic resource] : materials interaction and reliability / Andrea Chen, Randy Hsiao-Yu Lo
  55. Green mobile devices and networks [electronic resource] : energy optimization and scavenging techniques / Hrishikesh Venkataraman and Gabriel-Miro Muntean, editors
  56. Distribution system modeling and analysis [electronic resource] / William H. Kersting
  57. Electrical power cable engineering [electronic resource] / edited by William Thue
  58. Engineering systems integration [electronic resource] : theory, metrics, and methods / Gary O. Langford
  59. IP telephony interconnection reference [electronic resource] : challenges, models, and engineering / Mohamed Boucadair ... [et al.]
  60. Solar module packaging [electronic resource] : polymeric requirements and selection / Michelle Poliskie
  61. Next-generation batteries and fuel cells for commercial, military, and space applications [electronic resource] / A.R. Jha
  62. TV white space spectrum technologies [electronic resource] : regulations, standards, and applications / edited by Rashid A. Saeed and Stephen J. Shellhammer
  63. Linear synchronous motors [electronic resource] : transportation and automation systems / Jacek F. Gieras, Zbigniew J. Piech, Bronis?aw Z. Tomczuk
  64. Lithium-ion batteries [electronic resource] : advanced materials and technologies / edited by Xianxia Yuan, Hansan Liu, and Jiujun Zhang
  65. The image processing handbook [electronic resource] / John C. Russ
  66. Optical nano and micro actuator technology [electronic resource] / edited by George K. Knopf, Yukitoshi Otani
  67. Microlenses [electronic resource] : properties, fabrication, and liquid lenses / Hongrui Jiang, Xuefeng Zeng
  68. Handbook of silicon photonics [electronic resource] / edited by Laurent Vivien, Lorenzo Pavesi
  69. Molded optics [electronic resource] : design and manufacture / Michael Schaub ... [et al.]
  70. Smart grids [electronic resource] : infrastructure, technology, and solutions / edited by Stuart Borlase
  71. Applied optics fundamentals and device applications [electronic resource] : nano, MOEMS, and biotechnology / Mark A. Mentzer
  72. Ultra-realistic imaging [electronic resource] : advanced techniques in analogue and digital colour holography / Hans Bjelkhagen, David Brotherton-Ratcliffe
  73. Nanosensors [electronic resource] : physical, chemical, and biological / Vinod Kumar Khanna
  74. Indoor air quality [electronic resource] : the latest sampling and analytical methods / Kathleen Hess-Kosa
  75. Power system analysis [electronic resource] : short-circuit load flow and harmonics / J.C. Das
  76. Official (ISC)˛ guide to the CAP CBK / Patrick D. Howard
  77. Optical modeling and simulation of thin-film photovoltaic devices [electronic resource] / Janez Kr?, Marko Topi?
  78. Semiconductors [electronic resource] : integrated circuit design for manufacturability / Artur Balasinki
  79. Information security governance simplified [electronic resource] : from the boardroom to the keyboard / Todd Fitzgerald ; foreword by Tom Peltier
  80. Delay tolerant networks [electronic resource] : protocols and applications / edited by, Athanasios Vasilakos, Yan Zhang, Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos
  81. Industrial communication systems / edited by Bogdan M. Wilamowski, J. David Irwin
  82. Tutorials in metamaterials [electronic resource] / edited by Mikhail A. Noginov, Viktor A. Podolskiy
  83. Fundamentals of EMS, NMS, and OSS/BSS [electronic resource] / Jithesh Sathyan
  84. The field guide to understanding human error / Sidney Dekker
  85. Handbook of multisensor data fusion : theory and practice / edited by Martin E. Liggins, David L. Hall, James Llinas
  86. Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation : technologies, engineering economics, and risk management / Peter Gevorkian
  87. Construction robots : elementary technologies and single-task construction robots / Thomas Bock, Thomas Linner
  88. Key technologies for 5G wireless systems / edited by Vincent W.S. Wong [and three others]
  89. Design and deployment of small cell networks / [edited by] Alagan Anpalagan, Mehdi Bennis, Rath Vannithamby
  90. Advances in multi-band microstrip filters / edited by Vesna Crnojevi?-Bengin
  91. Video production handbook / Jim Owens
  92. Mastering AutoCAD 2018 and AutoCAD LT 2018 / George Omura with Brian Benton
  93. Radio resource management in wireless networks : an engineering approach / Ekram Hossain, Mehdi Rasti, Long Bao Le
  94. DC power supplies power management and surge protection for power electronic systems [electronic resource] / Nihal Kularatna. [editor]
  95. Introduction to wireless digital communication : a signal processing perspective / Robert W. Heath, Jr
  96. Principles of power integrity for PDN design--simplified : robust and cost effective design for high speed digital products / Larry D. Smith, Eric Bogatin
  97. Well test analysis for multilayered reservoirs with formation crossflow / Chengtai Gao, Hedong Sun
  98. Reliability based aircraft maintenance optimization and applications / He Ren, Xi Chen, Yong Chen
  99. Inspection and monitoring technologies of transmission lines with remote sensing / Yi Hu, Kai Liu
  100. Applications of nanofluid for heat transfer enhancement / Mohsen Sheikholeslami, Davood Domairry Ganji
  101. Planning and evaluation of irrigation projects : methods and implementation / Raveendra Kumar Rai, Vijay P. Singh, Alka Upadhyay
  102. Statistical techniques for transportation engineering / Kumar Molugaram, G. Shanker Rao
  103. Nanoencapsulation technologies for the food and nutraceutical industries / edited by Seid Mahdi Jafari
  104. Microforming technology : theory, simulation and practice / Zhengyi Jiang, Jingwei Zhao, Haibo Xie
  105. The illustrated network : how TCP/IP works in a modern network / Walter Goralski
  106. Aeroacoustics of low Mach number flows : fundamentals, analysis, and measurement / Stewart Glegg, William Devenport
  107. Petroleum production engineering / Boyun Guo, Xinghui Liu, Xuehao Tan
  108. Coding for penetration testers : building better tools / Jason Andress, Ryan Linn
  109. Nano and bio heat transfer and fluid flow / Majid Ghassemi, Azadeh Shahidian
  110. Reliability, maintainability, and risk : practical methods for engineers / David J. Smith
  111. Heat recovery steam generator technology / edited by Vernon L. Eriksen
  112. Defect structure and properties of nanomaterials / Jenö Gubicza
  113. Optimization in renewable energy systems : recent perspectives / edited by Ozan Erdinç
  114. The power grid : smart, secure, green and reliable / edited by Brian W. D'Andrade
  115. Materials for a healthy, ecological and sustainable built environment : principles for evaluation / Emina Kristina Petrovi?, Brenda Vale, Maibritt Pedersen Zari
  116. Natural fiber-reinforced biodegradable and bioresorbable polymer composites / edited by Alan Kin-Tak Lau, Ada Pui-Yan Hung
  117. Strengthening of concrete structures using fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) : design, construction and practical applications / Hwai-Chung Wu, Christopher D. Eamon
  118. Getting past the hype about 3-D printing / Jaime Bonnin Roca, Parth Vaishnav, Joana Mendonça, M. Granger Morgan
  119. What to expect from artificial intelligence / Ajay Agrawal, Joshua S. Gans, Avi Goldfarb
  120. The video studio / Alan Bermingham, Michael Talbot-Smith, Ken Angold-Stephens and Ed. Boyce