New Materials: French

  1. Impersonals and other agent defocusing constructions in French / Michel Achard, Rice University
  2. French through corpora : ecological and data-driven perspectives in French language studies / edited by Henry Tyne [and four others]
  3. Variation and Change in Mainland and Insular Norman : a study of superstrate influence / by Mari C. Jones
  4. Expletive and referential subject pronouns in Medieval French / Michael Zimmermann
  5. The farm to table French phrasebook : master the culture, language and savoir faire of French cuisine / Victoria Mas ; illustrated by Meera Lee Patel ; cover design, Meera Lee Patel ; interior design and layout, Jake Flaherty
  6. Camfranglais : the making of a new language in cameroonian literature / Vakunta, Peter Wuteh
  7. European francophonie : the social, political and cultural history of an international prestige language / Vladislav Rjéoutski, Gesine Argent and Derek Offord, (editors)
  8. The acquisition of French as a second language : new developmental perspectives / edited by Christina Lindqvist, Camilla Bardel
  9. A comprehensive French grammar / Glanville Price
  10. Learning french oral skills using role play as a learning strategy : the kenyan experience / Odhiambo Oduke
  11. Intimate enemies : translation in francophone contexts / edited by Kathryn Batchelor and Claire Bisdorff
  12. Crosswords : language, education, and ethnicity in French Ontario / by Monica Heller
  13. Parisienne French : chic phrases, slang and style / Rhianna Jones
  14. Aspects de l'interdiction dans la lexicographie française contemporaine / Jean Boulanger ; with an English summary
  15. Parrots and nightingales troubadour quotations and the development of European poetry / Sarah Kay
  16. Change of object expression in the history of French verbs of helping and hindering / by Michelle Troberg
  17. The second language acquisition of French tense, aspect, mood and modality / Dalila Ayoun
  18. French grammar for dummies / by Véronique Mazet
  19. Constructions in French / edited by Myriam Bouveret, Dominique Legallois
  20. Phonological variation in French : illustrations from three continents / edited by Randall Gess, Chantal Lyche, and Trudel Meisenburg
  21. The transmission of Anglo-Norman : language history and language acquisition / Richard Ingham
  22. French all-in-one for dummies / by Eliane Kurbegov ... [et al.]
  23. The advanced learner variety : the case of French / Emmanuelle Labeau and Florence Myles (eds.)
  24. French in and out of France : language policies, intercultural antagonisms, and dialogue / Kamal Salhi (ed)
  25. Theoretical morphology of the French verb / James Foley
  26. Old French and comparative Gallo-Romance syntax / Frede Jensen
  27. French prosodics and phonotactics : an historical typology / Jürgen Klausenburger
  28. Prosodic structure and French morphophonology / Stephen J. Hannahs
  29. The syntax of verbal affixation / Frank Drijkoningen
  30. Representation of cognitive structures : syntax and semantics of French sentential complements / Michel Achard
  31. Reflexive marking in the history of French / Richard Waltereit
  32. The songs of Peire Vidal : translation and commentary / Veronica M. Fraser
  33. Teacher/student responsibility in foreign language learning / Beverly-Anne Carter
  34. Topic, antitopic and verb agreement in non-standard French / Knud Lambrecht
  35. The pragmatics of left detachment in spoken standard French / Betsy K. Barnes
  36. Anglicisms, neologisms and dynamic French / Michael D. Picone
  37. Generative phonology : a case-study from French / Nigel Love
  38. A French-English grammar : a contrastive grammar on translational principles / Morris Salkoff
  39. The cognitive system of the French verb / John Hewson
  40. For to speke Frenche trewely : the French language in England, 1000-1600 : its status, description and instruction / Douglas A. Kibbee
  41. Case suspension and binary complement structure in French / Julia Herschensohn
  42. French lessons : a memoir / Alice Kaplan
  43. Speech and sociability at French urban marketplaces / Jacqueline Lindenfeld
  44. Metonymie und Diskurskontinuität im Französischen / Beate Kern
  45. French in the primary school : ideas and resources for the non-linguist teacher / Angela McLachlan
  46. Resources for teaching French / Gill James
  47. French anticausatives : a diachronic perspective / Steffen Heidinger
  48. Temps, aspect et modalité en français / textes rëunis par Estelle Moline & Carl Vetters
  49. Chanson : son histoire et sa famille dans les dictionnaires de langue française : étude lexicale, théorique et historique / Jean Nicolas de Surmont
  50. The phraseology of administrative French : a corpus-based study / Wendy J. Anderson
  51. Dictionary of Louisiana French : as spoken in Cajun, Creole, and American Indian communities / [Albert Valdman, senior editor ; Kevin J. Rottet, associate editor]
  52. Sociolinguistic variation in contemporary French / edited by Kate Beeching, Nigel R. Armstrong, Françoise Gadet
  53. Grammatical variation across space and time : the French interrogative system / Martin Elsig
  54. Sentential negation in French / Paul Rowlett
  55. Understanding French verse : a guide for singers / David Hunter
  56. A systemic functional grammar of French : from grammar to discourse / Alice Caffarel ; with a foreword by M.A.K. Halliday
  57. French dislocation : syntax, interpretation, acquisition / Cécile De Cat
  58. Expressing the same by the different : the subjunctive vs the indicative in French / Igor Dreer
  59. French verbs made simple(r) / David Brodsky
  60. Processing French : a psycholinguistic perspective / Peter Golato
  61. The defence of French : a language in crisis? / Robin Adamson
  62. French, an accommodating language? = Le français, langue d'accueil? / edited by Sue Wright
  63. French words : past, present, and future / Malcolm Offord
  64. The syntactic recoverability of null arguments / Yves Roberge
  65. A student grammar of French / Malcolm Offord
  66. A sociolinguistic history of Parisian French / R. Anthony Lodge
  67. Focus on French as a foreign language : multidisciplinary approaches / edited by Jean-Marc Dewaele
  68. Speech and thought presentation in French : concepts and strategies / Sophie Marnette
  69. French inside out : the worldwide development of the French language in the past, the present and the future / Henriette Walter
  70. A history of the French language / Peter Rickard
  71. Gender, politeness and pragmatic particles in French / Kate Beeching
  72. The lexical basis of grammatical borrowing : a Prince Edward Island French case study / Ruth King
  73. Social and stylistic variation in spoken French : a comparative approach / Nigel Armstrong
  74. French, from dialect to standard / R. Anthony Lodge