New Materials: History

  1. The Hodges Site. I, Two rock shelters near Tucumcari, New Mexico / by Herbert W. Dick
  2. American first ladies / editor, Robert P. Watson, Department of Political Science, Florida Atlantic University
  3. The Hodges Site. II, Geology of the Hodges Site, Quay County, New Mexico / by Sheldon Judson
  4. The Addicks Dam site. I, An archeological survey of the Addicks Dam Basin, southeast Texas / by Joe Ben Wheat
  5. The Addicks Dam site. II, Indian skeletal remains from the Doering and Kobs sites, Addicks Reservoir, Texas / by Marshall T. Newman
  6. Archeology of the John H. Kerr Reservoir basin, Roanoke River, Virginia-North Carolina / by Carl F. Miller ; with appendix, Human skeletal remains from the Tollifero (Ha6) and Clarksville (Mc14) sites, John H. Kerr Reservoir basin, Virginia by Lucile E. Hoyme and William M. Bass
  7. The Sheep Island site and the Mid-Columbia Valley / by Douglas Osborne, Alan Bryan, and Robert H. Crabtree
  8. The McNary Reservoir : a study in plateau archeology / by Joel L. Shiner
  9. Archeological investigations at the Coralville Reservoir, Iowa / by Warren W. Caldwell
  10. Excavations at Texarkana Reservoir, Sulphur River, Texas / by Edward B. Jelks
  11. The archeology of a small trading post (Kipp's Post, 32MN1) in the Garrison Reservoir, North Dakota / by Alan R. Woolworth and W. Raymond Wood
  12. Archeological investigations at the site of Fort Stevenson (32ML1), Garrison Reservoir, North Dakota / by G. Hubert Smith ; appendix by Carlyle S. Smith
  13. Fort Pierre II (39ST217), a historic trading post in the Oahe Dam Area, South Dakota / by G. Hubert Smith
  14. The excavation and investigation of Fort Lookout trading post II (39LM57) in the Fort Randall Reservoir, South Dakota / by Carl F. Miller
  15. Historic sites archeology in the Fort Randall Reservoir, South Dakota / by John E. Mills
  16. Historic sites archeology on the upper Missouri / by Merrill J. Mattes
  17. Six sites near the Chattahoochee River in the Jim Woodruff Reservoir area, Florida / Ripley P. Bullen
  18. Historic sites in and around the Jim Woodruff Reservoir area, Florida-Georgia / by Mark F. Boyd
  19. The Wilbanks site (9CK-5), Georgia / by William H. Sears
  20. The Spain site (39LM301) : a winter village in Fort Randall Reservoir, South Dakota / by Carlyle S. Smith and Roger T. Grange, Jr
  21. Archeological investigations at the Tuttle Creek Dam, Kansas / by Robert B. Cumming, Jr
  22. Archeological investigations in the Heart Butte Reservoir area, North Dakota / by Paul L. Cooper
  23. Excavations in the McNary Reservoir basin near Umatilla, Oregon / by Douglas Osborne ; with appendixes by Marshall T. Newman, Arthur Woodward, W.J. Kroll, and B.H. McLeod
  24. The Rembert Mounds, Elbert County, Georgia / by Joseph R. Caldwell
  25. The Woodruff ossuary : a prehistoric burial site in Phillips County, Kansas / by Marvin F. Kivett
  26. Prehistory and the Missouri Valley development program : summary report on the Missouri River Basin archeological survey in 1949 / by Waldo R. Wedel
  27. Prehistory and the Missouri Valley development program : summary report on the Missouri River Basin archeological survey in 1948 / by Waldo R. Wedel
  28. Small sites on and about Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, Garrison Reservoir, North Dakota / by George Metcalf
  29. Star Village, a fortified historic Arikara site in Mercer County, North Dakota / by George Metcalf
  30. The dance hall of the Santee Bottoms on the Fort Berthold Reservation, Garrison Reservoir, North Dakota / by Donald D. Hartle
  31. Crow-Flies-High (32MZ1), a historic Hidatsa village in the Garrison Reservoir area, North Dakota / by Carling Malouf
  32. The Stutsman Focus : an aboriginal culture complex in the Jamestown Reservoir area, North Dakota / by R.P. Wheeler
  33. Archeological manifestations in the Toole County section of the Tiber Reservoir basin, Montana / by Carl F. Miller
  34. Archeological salvage investigations in the Lovewell Reservoir area, Kansas / by Robert W. Neuman
  35. Archeological investigations in the Toronto Reservoir area, Kansas / by James H. Howard
  36. The Good Soldier site (39LM238), Big Bend Reservoir, Lyman County, South Dakota / by Robert W. Neuman
  37. Archeological investigations at the Hickey Brothers site (39LM4), Big Bend Reservoir, Lyman County, South Dakota / by Warren W. Caldwell, Lee G. Madison, and Bernard Golden
  38. Archeological investigations at the Hosterman site (39PO7), Oahe Reservoir area, Potter County, South Dakota, 1956 / by Carl F. Miller
  39. The Demery site (39CO1), Oahe Reservoir area, South Dakota / by Alan R. Woolworth and W. Raymond Wood
  40. The Paul Brave site (32SI4), Oahe Reservoir area, North Dakota / by W. Raymond Wood and Alan R. Woolworth
  41. An interpretation of Mandan culture history / by W. Raymond Wood
  42. Iroquois masks and maskmaking at Onondaga / by Jean Hendry
  43. The archeology of Taboga, Urabá, and Taboguilla Islands, Panama / by Matthew W. and Marion Stirling
  44. Archeological notes on Almirante Bay, Bocas del Toro, Panama / by Matthew W. and Marion Stirling
  45. El Limón, an early tomb site in Coclé province, Panama / by Matthew W. and Marion Stirling
  46. Observations on certain ancient tribes of the northern Appalachian province / by Bernard G. Hoffman
  47. The language of Santa Ana Pueblo / by Irvine Davis
  48. The prehistory of Panamá Viejo / by Leo P. Biese
  49. Chippewa mat-weaving techniques / by Karen Daniels Petersen
  50. The Yaqui deer dance : a study in cultural change / by Carleton Stafford Wilder
  51. The Warihio Indians of Sonora-Chihuahua : an ethnographic survey / by Howard Scott Gentry
  52. Blackfoot Indian pipes and pipemaking / by John C. Ewers
  53. Tarqui, an early site in Manabí Province, Ecuador / by Matthew W. and Marion Stirling
  54. Stone tipi rings in north-central Montana and the adjacent portion of Alberta, Canada : their historical, ethnological, and archeological aspects / by Thomas F. Kehoe
  55. Dakota winter counts as a source of Plains history / by James H. Howard
  56. A Caroline Islands script / by Saul H. Riesenberg and Shigeru Kaneshiro
  57. The use of the atlatl on Lake Pátzcuaro, Michoacán / by M.W. Stirling
  58. An introduction to Plains Apache archeology : the Dismal River aspect / by James H. Gunnerson
  59. Preceramic and ceramic cultural patterns in northwest Virginia / by C.G. Holland
  60. Factionalism at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico / by William N. Fenton
  61. Letters to Jack Wilson, the Paiute prophet, written between 1908 and 1911 / edited and with an introduction by Grace M. Dangberg
  62. Valladolid Maya enumeration / by John P. Harrington
  63. An archeological reconnaissance in southeastern Mexico / by Matthew W. Stirling
  64. Revaluation of the eastern Siouan problem with particular emphasis on the Virginia branches : the Occaneechi, the Saponi, and the Tutelo / by Carl F. Miller
  65. Observations on some nineteenth-century pottery vessels from the upper Missouri / by Waldo R. Wedel
  66. Hair pipes in Plains Indian adornment : a study in Indian and White ingenuity / by John C. Ewers
  67. The Ormond Beach mound, east central Florida / by Jesse D. Jennings, Gordon R. Willey, and Marshall T. Newman
  68. Some manifestations of water in Mesoamerican art / by Robert L. Rands
  69. The Sun Dance of the Northern Ute / by J.A. Jones
  70. The original Strachey vocabulary of the Virginia Indian language / by John P. Harrington
  71. Archeological materials from the vicinity of Mobridge, South Dakota / by Waldo R. Wedel
  72. The Cerro de las Mesas offering of jade and other materials / by Philip Drucker
  73. Stone monuments of the Río Chiquito, Veracruz, Mexico / by Matthew W. Stirling
  74. Current trends in the Wind River Shoshone sun dance / by Fred W. Voget
  75. The Wind River Shoshone Sun Dance / by D.B. Shimkin
  76. Exploration of an Adena mound at Natrium, West Virginia / by Ralph S. Solecki
  77. Aboriginal navigation off the coasts of upper and Baja California / by Robert F. Heizer and William C. Massey
  78. Aboriginal fish poisons / by Robert F. Heizer
  79. The belief of the Indian in a connection between song and the supernatural / by Frances Densmore
  80. Technique in the music of the American Indian / by Frances Densmore
  81. The medicine bundles of the Florida Seminole and the green corn dance / by Louis Capron
  82. The water lily in Maya art : a complex of alleged Asiatic origin / by Robert L. Rands
  83. "Of the Crow nation" / by Edwin Thompson Denig ; edited with biographical sketch and footnotes by John C. Ewers
  84. Archeological reconnaissance of southern Utah / by Julian H. Steward
  85. Art processes in birchbark of the River Desert Algonquin : a circumboreal trait / by Frank G. Speck
  86. The Quichua-speaking Indians of the province of Imbabura (Ecuador) and their anthropometric relations with the living populations of the Andean area / by John Gillin
  87. Tonawanda longhouse ceremonies : ninety years after Lewis Henry Morgan / by William N. Fenton
  88. The mining of gems and ornamental stones by American Indians / by Sydney H. Ball
  89. A preliminary report on archeological explorations at Macon, Ga. / by A.R. Kelly
  90. Panatübiji?, an Owens Valley Paiute / by Julian H. Steward
  91. Lemhi Shoshoni physical therapy / by Julian H. Steward
  92. What happened to Green Bear who was blessed with a sacred pack / by Truman Michelson
  93. The Caribs of Dominica / by Douglas Taylor
  94. The northern Arapaho flat pipe and the ceremony of covering the pipe / by John G. Carter
  95. Some western Shoshoni myths / by Julian H. Steward
  96. Some ethnological data concerning one hundred Yucatán plants / by Morris Steggerda
  97. New material from Acoma / by Leslie A. White
  98. Music of the Indians of British Columbia / by Frances Densmore
  99. A description of thirty towns in Yucatán, Mexico / by Morris Steggerda
  100. Choctaw music / by Frances Densmore
  101. Some notes on a few sites in Beaufort County, South Carolina / by Regina Flannery
  102. A search for songs among the Chitimacha Indians in Louisiana / by Frances Densmore
  103. The quipu and Peruvian civilization / by John R. Swanton
  104. The eastern Cherokees / by William Harlen Gilbert, Jr
  105. The Carrier Indians of the Bulkley River : their social and religious life / by Diamond Jenness
  106. Archeological survey on the northern Northwest Coast / by Philip Drucker ; with appendix, Early vertebrate fauna of the British Columbia coast / by Edna M. Fisher
  107. An analysis and interpretation of the ceramic remains from two sites near Beaufort, South Carolina / by James B. Griffin
  108. Aconite poison whaling in Asia and America, an Aleutian transfer to the New World / by Robert F. Heizer
  109. Iroquois suicide : a study in the stability of a culture pattern / by William N. Fenton
  110. The Ramah Navaho / by Clyde Kluckhorn
  111. The "principal people," 1960 : a study of cultural and social groups of the eastern Cherokee / by Harriet Jane Kupferer
  112. The Wahnenauhi manuscript : historical sketches of the Cherokees, together with some of their customs, traditions, and superstitions / edited and with an introduction by Jack Frederick Kilpatrick
  113. Chronicles of Wolftown : social documents of the North Carolina Cherokees, 1850-1862 / by Anna Gritts Kilpatrick and Jack Frederick Kilpatrick
  114. Eastern Cherokee folktales / reconstructed from the field notes of Frans M. Olbrechts by Jack Frederick Kilpatrick and Anna Gritts Kilpatrick
  115. Archeology of Arauquin / by Vincenzo Petrullo
  116. Notes on the Creek Indians / by J.N.B. Hewitt ; edited by John R. Swanton
  117. Sedelmayr's Relación of 1746 / translated and edited by Ronald L. Ives
  118. Linguistic classification of Cree and Montagnais-Naskapi dialects / by Truman Michelson
  119. Archeological investigations in the Corozal district of British Honduras / by Thomas and Mary Gann
  120. The Yaruros of the Capanaparo River, Venezuela / by Vincenzo Petrullo
  121. Introduction to Middle Missouri archeology / Donald J. Lehmer
  122. The gift of Changing Woman / by Keith H. Basso
  123. Chronica Johannis de Oxenedes / edited by Sir Henry Ellis ; published by the authority of the lords commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury, under the direction of the master of the rolls
  124. Political poems and songs relating to English history : composed during the period from the accession of Edw. III. to that of Ric. III. / edited by Thomas Wright
  125. Descriptive catalogue of materials relating to the history of Great Britain and Ireland to the end of the reign of Henry VII / Thomas Duffus Hardy
  126. Memorials of the reign of King Henry VI : Official correspondence of Thomas Bekynton, secretary to King Henry VI., and bishop of Bath and Wells / Edited, from a manuscript in the archiepiscopal library at Lambeth, with an appendix of illustrative documents, by George Williams
  127. The Dîné : origin myths of the Navaho Indians / [transcribed] by Aileen O'Bryan
  128. Mrs. Adams in winter : a journey in the last days of Napoleon / Michael O'Brien
  129. 750 years in Paris / Vincent Mahé
  130. Osaka modern : the city in the Japanese imaginary / Michael P. Cronin
  131. Honored and dishonored guests : westerners in wartime Japan / W. Puck Brecher
  132. World War I and America : told by the Americans who lived it / A. Scott Berg, editor
  133. People of color in the United States : contemporary issues in education, work, communities, health, and immigration / Kofi Lomotey, editor
  134. Herrschaftszeichen und Staatssymbolik : ... Nachträge aus dem Nachlass / von Percy Ernst Schramm
  135. An archaeological reconnaissance in the Cotzumalhuapa region, Escuintla, Guatemala / J. Eric S. Thompson
  136. The ball courts at Copan : with notes on courts at La Unión, Quirigua, San Pedro Pinula, and Asuncion Mita
  137. Geologic observations on the ancient human footprints near Managua, Nicaragua
  138. Conquest sites and the subsequent destruction of Maya architecture in the interior of northern Yucatan
  139. The burdens of brotherhood : Jews and Muslims from North Africa to France / Ethan B. Katz
  140. Pepper, silk & ivory : amazing stories about Jews and the Far East / Marvin Tokayer and Ellen Rodman, PhD
  141. Mound E-III-3, Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala / [by] Edwin M. Shook and Alfred V. Kidder
  142. A world without Jews : the Nazi imagination from persecution to genocide / Alon Confino
  143. Pottery from Chipoc, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
  144. The year of indecision, 1946 : a tour through the crucible of Harry Truman's America / Kenneth Weisbrode
  145. Say we are nations : documents of politics and protest in indigenous America since 1887 / Daniel M. Cobb
  146. The red Atlantic : American indigenes and the making of the modern world, 1000-1927 / Jace Weaver
  147. A passion for the true and just : Felix and Lucy Kramer Cohen and the Indian New Deal / Alice Beck Kehoe
  148. Encounters with the people : written and oral accounts of Nez Perce life to 1858 / compiled and edited by Dennis Baird, Diane Mallickan, and W.R. Swagerty
  149. Caddo connections : cultural interactions within and beyond the Caddo world / Jeffrey S. Girard, Timothy K. Perttula, and Mary Beth Trubitt
  150. The unquiet frontier : rising rivals, vulnerable allies, and the crisis of American power / Jakub J. Grygiel, A. Wess Mitchell
  151. To win the Indian heart : music at Chemawa Indian School / Melissa Parkhurst
  152. To come to a better understanding : medicine men and clergy meetings on the Rosebud Reservation, 1973-1978 / Sandra L. Garner
  153. Spirits of blood, spirits of breath : the twinned cosmos of indigenous America / Barbara Alice Mann
  154. Skin for skin : death and life for Inuit and Innu / Gerald M. Sider
  155. The Saltwater Frontier : Indians and the Contest for the American Coast / Andrew Lipman
  156. Rivers of sand : Creek Indian emigration, relocation, and ethnic cleansing in the American South / Christopher D. Haveman
  157. Resource exploitation in Native North America : a plague upon the peoples / Bruce E. Johansen
  158. A Pueblo social history : kinship, sodality, and community in the northern southwest / John A. Ware
  159. The Oxford handbook of American Indian history / edited by Frederick E. Hoxie
  160. Ninigret, sachem of the Niantics and Narragansetts : diplomacy, war, and the balance of power in seventeenth-century New England and Indian country / Julie A. Fisher and David J. Silverman
  161. The Nez Perces : the history of their troubles and the Campaign of 1877 / by Duncan McDonald ; edited by Robert Bigart and Joseph McDonald
  162. Native American almanac : more than 50,000 years of the cultures and histories of indigenous peoples / Yvonne Wakim Dennis, Arlene Hirschfelder and Shannon Rothenberger Flynn
  163. Moquis and Kastiilam : Hopis, Spaniards, and the trauma of history / edited by Thomas E. Sheridan, Stewart B. Koyiyumptewa, Anton Daughters, Dale S. Brenneman, T.J. Ferguson, Leigh Kuwanwisiwma, and Lee Wayne Lomayestewa
  164. Masters of Empire : Great Lakes Indians and the Making of America / Michael A. McDonnell
  165. Living with animals : Ojibwe spirit powers / Michael Pomedli
  166. Imprints : the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians and the city of Chicago / John N. Low
  167. Unequal treaties and China / Jianlang Wang, translated by Li Tong
  168. From Wounded Knee to Checkpoint Charlie : the alliance for sovereignty between American Indians and Central Europeans in the late Cold War / György Ferenc Tóth
  169. From treaties to reserves : the federal government and Native peoples in territorial Alberta, 1870-1905 / D.J. Hall
  170. The force of family : repatriation, kinship, and memory on Haida Gwaii / Cara Krmpotich
  171. The flower hunter and the people : William Bartram's writings on the Native American Southeast / edited by Matthew Jennings
  172. Encounters at the heart of the world : a history of the Mandan people / Elizabeth A. Fenn
  173. Dispatches from the Fort Apache scout : White Mountain and Cibecue Apache history through 1881 / Lori Davisson with Edgar Perry and the original staff of the White Mountain Apache Cultural Center ; edited by John R. Welch
  174. Diaspora and nation in the Indian Ocean : transnational histories of race and urban space in Tanzania / Ned Bertz
  175. Creating the American West : boundaries and borderlands / Derek R. Everett
  176. Crafting preservation criteria : the National Register of Historic Places and American historic preservation / John H. Sprinkle, Jr
  177. Cochise : firsthand accounts of the Chiricahua Apache chief / edited by Edwin R. Sweeney
  178. Changing worlds : Vietnam's transition from Cold War to globalization / David W.P. Elliott
  179. Choosing the Jesus way : American Indian Pentecostals and the fight for the indigenous principle / Angela Tarango
  180. Capturing Education : Envisioning and Building the First Tribal Colleges / Paul Boyer
  181. A call for reform : the Southern California Indian writings of Helen Hunt Jackson / edited by Valerie Sherer Mathes and Phil Brigandi
  182. Bodies and lives in ancient America : health before Columbus / Debra L. Martin and Anna J. Osterholtz
  183. Anglo-American relations : contemporary perspectives / edited by Alan P. Dobson and Steve Marsh
  184. American Indian culture : from counting coup to wampum / Bruce E. Johansen, editor
  185. American carnage : Wounded Knee, 1890 / Jerome A. Greene ; foreword by Thomas Powers
  186. Westmoreland's war : reassessing American strategy in Vietnam / by Gregory A. Daddis
  187. Thinking through China / Jerusha McCormack and John G. Blair
  188. The South China Sea : the struggle for power in Asia / Bill Hayton
  189. Warrior nation : a history of the Red Lake Ojibwe / Anton Treuer
  190. Shadow Cold War : the Sino-Soviet competition for the Third World / Jeremy Friedman
  191. Remembering China from Taiwan : divided families and bittersweet reunions after the Chinese Civil War / Mahlon Meyer
  192. Radicals : resistance and protest in Colonial Malaya / Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied
  193. Keywords for Asian American studies / edited by Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, Linda Trinh Võ, and K. Scott Wong
  194. The international minimum : creativity and contradiction in Japan's global engagement, 1933-1964 / Jessamyn R. Abel
  195. The Indian Ocean in world history / Edward A. Alpers
  196. Four decades on : Vietnam, the United States, and the legacies of the Second Indochina War / Scott Laderman and Edwin A. Martini, editors
  197. China's Future / David Shambaugh
  198. China : the pessoptimist nation / William A. Callahan
  199. China : how the empire fell / edited by Joseph W. Esherick and C.X. George Wei
  200. China in revolution : the road to 1911 / Liu Heung Shing
  201. China dreams : 20 visions of the future / William A. Callahan
  202. China and Taiwan / Steven M. Goldstein
  203. Bringing God to men : American military chaplains and the Vietnam War / Jacqueline E. Whitt
  204. Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom : China, the West, and the epic story of the Taiping Civil War / by Stephen R. Platt
  205. Alien nation : Chinese migration in the Americas from the coolie era through World War II / Elliott Young
  206. South Africa, settler colonialism and the failures of liberal democracy / Thiven Reddy
  207. Selling the Serengeti : the Cultural Politics of Safari Tourism
  208. (Re- )framing the Arab/Muslim : mediating orientalism in contemporary Arab American life writing / Silke Schmidt
  209. Nigeria : a new history of a turbulent century / Richard Bourne
  210. Rebels in a Rotten State : understanding atrocity in the Sierra Leone civil war / Kieran Mitton
  211. Keepers of the golden shore : a history of the United Arab Emirates / Michael Quentin Morton
  212. Jimmy Carter in Africa : race and the Cold War / Nancy Mitchell
  213. Imagining a nation : history and memory in making Zimbabwe / Ruramisai Charumbira
  214. Death on the Nile : uncovering the afterlife of ancient Egypt / foreword by Tim Knox ; curators and editors, Julie Dawson and Helen Strudwick
  215. Ancient Egypt transformed : the Middle Kingdom / edited by Adela Oppenheim, Dorothea Arnold, Dieter Arnold, and Kei Yamamoto
  216. Wonderful things : a history of Egyptology / Jason Thompson
  217. Us versus them : the United States, radical Islam, and the rise of the green threat / Douglas Little
  218. Understanding contemporary Ethiopia / Gérard Prunier, Éloi Ficquet (editors)
  219. Trends in African studies / Jacob U. Gordon and Stephen Owoahene-Acheampong
  220. A short history of modern Angola / David Birmingham
  221. Scanning the Pharaohs : CT Imaging of the New Kingdom Royal Mummies / Zahi Hawass, Sahar N. Saleem ; edited by Sue D'Auria
  222. The Salvador option : the United States in El Salvador, 1977-1992 / Russell Crandall, Davidson College
  223. Rwanda's Popular Genocide : a Perfect Storm / Jean Paul Kimonyo ; translated from the French by Wandia Njoya
  224. Return to Casablanca : Jews, Muslims, and an Israeli anthropologist / André Levy
  225. The real politics of the Horn of Africa : money, war and the business of power / Alex de Waal
  226. North Africa under Byzantium and Early Islam / Susan T. Stevens and Jonathan P. Conant, editors
  227. The new black middle class in South Africa / Roger Southall
  228. Minorities, Women, and the State in North Africa / edited by Moha Ennaji
  229. Mecca of revolution : Algeria, decolonization, and the Third World order / Jeffrey James Byrne
  230. King of kings : the triumph and tragedy of Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia / Asfa-Wossen Asserate ; translated by Peter Lewis ; foreword by Thomas Pakenham
  231. Gold Coast diasporas : identity, culture, and power / Walter C. Rucker
  232. The emergence of Iranian nationalism : race and the politics of dislocation / Reza Zia-Ebrahimi
  233. Contesting antiquity in Egypt : archaeologies, museums & the struggle for identities from World War I to Nasser / Donald Malcolm Reid
  234. Bound by conflict : dilemmas of the two Sudans / Francis M. Deng ; in collaboration with Daniel J. Deng
  235. 1920 : the year that made the decade roar / Eric Burns
  236. Washington and Hamilton : the Alliance That Forged America
  237. South Africa's insurgent citizens : on dissent and the possibility of politics / Julian Brown
  238. John Pendleton Kennedy : early American novelist, Whig statesman, and ardent nationalist / Andrew R. Black
  239. Inventing Custer : the making of an American legend / Edward Caudill and Paul G. Ashdown
  240. The first U.S. history textbooks : constructing and disseminating the American tale in the nineteenth century / Barry Joyce
  241. The dream of Zion : the story of the first Zionist Congress / by Lawrence J. Epstein
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  247. Trace : memory, history, race, and the American landscape / Lauret Edith Savoy
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  250. Kal'unek From Karluk : Kodiak Alutiiq history and the Archaeology of the Karluk One Village Site / Amy F. Steffian, Marnie A. Leist, Sven D. Haakanson, Jr., Patrick G. Saltonstall
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  257. Analytical guide to the bibliographies on the Arabian Peninsula [by] C.L. Geddes
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  260. An analytical guide to the bibliographies on Islam, Muhammad, and the Qur?n [by] C.L. Geddes
  261. An analytical guide to the bibliographies on modern Egypt & the Sudan [by] C.L. Geddes
  262. Painted words : Nahua Catholicism, politics, and memory in the Atzaqualco pictorial catechism / Elizabeth Hill Boone, Louise M. Burkhart, and David Tavárez
  263. Racial oppression in a 'post-race' North America : transformative social work responses / editor, Ransford Danso
  264. Theodore Roosevelt, conservation, and the 1908 Governors' Conference / Leroy G. Dorsey
  265. Nosotros los dreamers : historias de vida más allá de la frontera / Josefina Vázquez Mota ; ilustraciones de Felipe Galindo, Feggo
  266. Figures of memory : the rhetoric of displacement at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum / Michael Bernard-Donals
  267. Rhetorics of whiteness : postracial hauntings in popular culture, social
  268. Prison power : how prison influenced the movement for Black liberation / Lisa M. Corrigan
  269. The Ides of war : George Washington and the Newburgh crisis / Stephen Howard Browne
  270. Hispanic American leadership : a reference guide / Victor M. Rodriguez, editor
  271. Multiethnic Korea? : multiculturalism, migration, and peoplehood diversity in contemporary South Korea / edited by John Lie
  272. U.S. Central Americans : reconstructing memories, struggles, and communities of resistance / edited by Karina O. Alvarado, Alicia I. Estrada, and Ester E. Hernández
  273. Scorched earth : Stalin's reign of terror / Jörg Baberowski ; translated by Steven Gilbert, Ivo Komljen, and Samantha Jeanne Taber
  274. The Classical world : the foundations of the West and the enduring legacy of antiquity / Nigel Spivey
  275. The triumph of empire : the Roman world from Hadrian to Constantine / Michael Kulikowski
  276. Pericles : a biography in context / Thomas R. Martin, College of the Holy Cross
  277. Naval warfare : a global history since 1860 / Jeremy Black
  278. The Isthmus of Corinth : crossroads of the Mediterranean world / David K. Pettegrew
  279. Britain's War into battle,1937-1941 / Daniel Todman
  280. Saint Germain des Prés : the heart of Paris 1945-1955 / Gerard Bonal ; translated by Leonard Rosmarin
  281. The right to difference : French universalism and the Jews / Maurice Samuels
  282. The mistress of Paris : the 19th-century courtesan who built an empire on a secret / Catherine Hewitt
  283. Contesting Indochina : French remembrance between decolonization and Cold War, / M. Kathryn Edwards
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