New Materials: Anthropology

  1. The end of patriarchy : radical feminism for men / Robert Jensen ; with an afterword by Rebecca Whisnant
  2. The genesis of creativity and the origin of the human mind / Barbora P?ta, Václav Soukup, (eds.) ; authorial team, Ariela Fradkin Anati [and 22 others] ; translation from Czech by Dan Morgan, from German by Robert Russel, from Spanish by Ivan Gutierrez
  3. A foot in the river : why our lives change--and the limits of evolution / Felipe Fernández-Armesto
  4. Evolving ourselves : how unnatural selection and nonrandom mutation are changing life on earth / Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans
  5. Applying anthropology to gender-based violence : global responses, local practices / edited by Jennifer R. Wies and Hillary J. Haldane
  6. Kinship and human evolution : making culture, becoming human / Steen Bergendorff
  7. Ethnobiology for the future : linking cultural and ecological diversity / edited by Gary Paul Nabhan ; foreword by Paul E. Minnis ; with drawings by Paul Mirocha
  8. The global lives of things : the material culture of connections in the early modern world / edited by Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello
  9. Tales of the ex-apes : how we think about human evolution / Jonathan Marks
  10. Dark ecology : for a logic of future coexistence / Timothy Morton
  11. Amazonia in the Anthropocene : people, soils, plants, forests / Nicholas C. Kawa
  12. Why forage? : hunters and gatherers in the twenty-first century / edited by Brian F. Codding and Karen L. Kramer
  13. Mapping feminist anthropology in the twenty-first century / edited by Ellen Lewin and Leni M. Silverstein
  14. Social learning and innovation in contemporary hunter-gatherers : evolutionary and ethnographic perspectives / Hideaki Terashima, Barry S. Hewlett (editors.)
  15. Hunter-gatherers in a changing world / Victoria Reyes-García, Aili Pyhälä, editors
  16. Appreciating local knowledge / edited by Elisabeth Kapferer, Andreas Koch, and Clements Sedmak
  17. Sources and methods in indigenous studies / edited by Chris Andersen and Jean M. O'Brien
  18. Maritime heritage in crisis : indigenous landscapes and global ecological breakdown / Richard M. Hutchings
  19. Agricultural beginnings in the American Southwest / Barbara J. Roth