New Materials: Anthropology

  1. Systems of political control and bureaucracy in human societies : proceedings / Edited by Verne F. Ray
  2. Cultural stability and cultural change / edited by Verne F. Ray
  3. The Soviet Far East in antiquity : an archaeological and historical study of the Maritime Region of the U.S.S.R. / A.P. Okladnikov ; edited by Henry N. Michael
  4. The Subject is race : traditional ideologies and the teaching of race relations : Peter I. Rose
  5. Race and ethnic politics / editor, Rutledge M. Dennis
  6. Encyclopedia of modern ethnic conflicts / Joseph R. Rudolph Jr., editor
  7. African American folklore : an encyclopedia for students / Anand Prahlad, editor
  8. Methods in perspective : integrating passion, reason and pedagogy / guest editor, Jelani K. Mahiri
  9. Controlling processes : selected essays 1994-2005 / guest editor, Laura Nader
  10. Plan B : when the anthropologist becomes data / Nathaniel Dumas, guest editor
  11. Aboriginal populations : social, demographic, and epidemiological perspectives / edited by Frank Trovato and Anatole Romaniuk
  12. Current developments in anthropological genetics. Volume 1 / edited by James H. Mielke and Michael H. Crawford
  13. Oceanian journeys and sojourns : home thoughts abroad / edited by Judith A. Bennett
  14. African indigenous knowledge and the sciences : journeys into the past and present / edited by Gloria Emeagwali and Edward Shizha
  15. Ethnicity as a political resource : conceptualizations across disciplines, regions, and periods / University of Cologne Forum "Ethnicity as a Political Resource" (ed.)
  16. America observed : on an international anthropology of the United States / edited by Virginia R. Dominguez and Jasmin Habib
  17. Mixed race identities in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands / edited by Kirsten McGavin and Farida Fozdar
  18. Collecting, ordering, governing : anthropology, museums, and liberal government / Tony Bennett, Fiona Cameron, Nélia Dias, Ben Dibley, Rodney Harrison, Ira Jacknis, and Conal McCarthy
  19. Breaking the frames : anthropological conundrums / Pamela J. Stewart, Andrew J. Strathern
  20. Against exoticism : toward the transcendence of relativism and universalism in anthropology / edited by Bruce Kapferer and Dimitrios Theodossopoulos
  21. Urban morphology : an introduction to the study of the physical form of cities / Vítor Oliveira
  22. The anarchist roots of geography : toward spatial emancipation / Simon Springer
  23. Envisioning sustainabilities : towards an anthropology of sustainability / edited by Fiona Murphy and Pierre McDonagh
  24. The economics of ecology, exchange, and adaptation : anthropological explorations / edited by Donald C. Wood
  25. Decoding racial ideology in genomics / by Johnny E. Williams ; foreword by Joseph L. Graves Jr
  26. Critical kinship studies : an introduction to the field / Damien W. Riggs, Elizabeth Peel
  27. Critical indigenous studies : engagements in first world locations / edited by Aileen Moreton-Robinson
  28. The secret of our success : how culture is driving human evolution, domesticating our species, and making us smarter / Joseph Henrich
  29. Anthropology and economy / Stephen Gudeman, University of Minnesota
  30. Estudio antropológico de las estrcturas cefálicas en una colección osteológica procedente de Chinchero (Perú) = An anthropological study of cephalic structures in an osteological collection from Chincero (Peru) / José I. Herrera Ureña
  31. The fishes of Oceania. Supplement / by Henry W. Fowler