New Materials: Library Science

  1. Understanding metadata : create the foundation for a scalable data architecture / Federico Castanedo and Scott Gidley
  2. Academic libraries and toxic leadership / Alma C. Ortega
  3. Writings of Harry F. Blaney, distinguished water conservation engineer (1892-1976), cataloged and shelved at the Los Angeles collection of the Water Resources Center Archives ... / compiled by Robert J. Cullen, under the supervision of Beth R. Willard
  4. Bibliography of the official publications of Louisiana, 1803-1934 / compiled by Lucy B. Foote
  5. Being evidence based in library and information practice / edited by Denise Koufogiannakis, Alison Brettle
  6. The typographic desk reference / Theo Rosendorf ; foreword by Erik Spiekermann
  7. Library partnerships with writers and poets : case studies / edited by Carol Smallwood and Vera Gubnitskaia ; foreword by Patti Gibbons
  8. The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu : and their race to save the world's most precious manuscripts / Joshua Hammer
  9. The earliest Irish and English bookarts : visual and poetic forms before A.D. 1000 / Robert D. Stevick
  10. Academic publishing : issues and challenges in the construction of knowledge / Ken Hyland
  11. Getting published in academic journals : navigating the publication process / Brian Paltridge (University of Sydney) and Sue Starfield (UNSW Australia)
  12. On-line information retrieval : an introduction and guide to the British Library's short-term experimental information network project / P.L. Holmes
  13. Early printed maps of the British Isles, 1477-1650 : a bibliography / [compiled] by R.W. Shirley
  14. Maps in the Parliamentary papers by the Arrowsmiths : a finding list / [compiled] by Alexander McGechaen and Coolie Verner
  15. Printed charts of Scandinavia
  16. Printed maps of America / [compiled] by R.V. Tooley
  17. Printed maps of Australia : being a catalogue of a collection / [compiled by] by R.V. Tooley
  18. The printed maps of Hertfordshire, 1577-1900 / by D. Hodson
  19. Maps of Africa : a selection of printed maps from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries / [compiled] by R.V. Tooley
  20. The printed maps of the continent of Africa and regional maps south of the Tropic of Cancer, 1500-1900 / [compiled] by R.V. Tooley
  21. The Malinowski collection of maps of Poland / compiled by H. Malinowski
  22. A dictionary of mapmakers : including cartographers, geographers, publishers, engravers, etc., from earliest times to 1900 / by R.V. Tooley
  23. Some portraits of geographers : and other persons associated with maps / with notes by R.V. Tooley
  24. The printed maps of Central America up to 1860 / by Kit S. Kapp
  25. A catalogue of printed maps of Greece and Greek regions, 1477-1800 / [compiled] by C.G. Zacharakis
  26. County atlases of the British Isles, 1579-1850 : a bibliography / compiled by R.A. Skelton, in collaboration with members of the staff of the Map Room, British Museum