New Materials: Linguistics

  1. Spellbinding sentences : a writer's guide to achieving excellence and captivating readers / Barbara Baig
  2. Firefly 5-language visual dictionary : English, French, Spanish, Italian, German / Igor Jourist
  3. The sociolinguistics of writing / Theresa Lillis
  4. Sustaining the nation : the making and moving of language and nation / Monica Heller, Lindsay A. Bell, Michelle Daveluy, Mireille McLaughlin and Hubert Noël
  5. The Bloomsbury Companion to Phonetics / edited by Mark J. Jones and Rachael-Anne Knight
  6. Shades of ?ul? : the rhetorics of Arab-Islamic reconciliation / Rasha Diab
  7. Motherless tongues : the insurgency of language amid wars of translation / Vicente L. Rafael
  8. Prescription and tradition in language : establishing standards across time and space / edited by Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade and Carol Percy
  9. The economics of language policy / edited by Michele Gazzola and Bengt-Arne Wickström
  10. Corpus-based approaches to construction grammar / edited by Jiyoung Yoon, Stefan Th. Gries
  11. Chomsky : ideas and ideals / Neil Smith and Nicholas Allott
  12. Academic language mastery. Vocabulary in context / Margarita Calderón, Ivannia Soto
  13. Academic language mastery. Grammar and syntax in context / David E. Freeman, Yvonne S. Freeman, Ivannia Soto
  14. Academic language mastery. Culture in context / Noma LeMoine, Ivannia Soto
  15. Academic language mastery. Conversational discourse in context / Jeff Zwiers, Ivannia Soto
  16. Rhetorical realism : rhetoric, ethics, and the ontology of things / Scot Barnett
  17. Rethinking ethos : a feminist ecological approach to rhetoric / edited by Kathleen J. Ryan, Nancy Myers, and Rebecca Jones
  18. Writing online : rhetoric for the digital age / George Pullman
  19. Applying systemic functional linguistics : the state of the art in China today / edited by Jonathan J. Webster and Peng Xuanwei
  20. Wheel with a single spoke : and other poems / by Nichita Stanescu ; selected and translated from Romanian by Sean Cotter
  21. Doing corpus linguistics / William J. Crawford and Eniko Csomay
  22. Discourse analysis : putting our worlds into words / Susan Strauss and Parastou Feiz, Penn State University and California State University, San Bernadino
  23. Beyond convention : genre innovation in academic writing / Christine M. Tardy ; foreword by Dana R. Ferris