New Materials: Mathematics

  1. Modeling and simulation of biological networks / Reinhard C. Laubenbacher, editor
  2. Formal languages and automata theory / K.V.N. Sunitha, N. Kalyani
  3. Probability and statistics / E. Rukmangadachari, E. Keshava Reddy
  4. Learning quantitative finance with R : implement machine learning, time-series analysis, algorithmic trading and more / Dr. Param Jeet, Prashant Vants
  5. JMP version 13 predictive and specialized modeling / SAS Institute
  6. JMP version 13 profilers / SAS Institute
  7. JMP version 13 multivariate methods / SAS Institute
  8. JMP version 13 fitting linear models / SAS Institute
  9. JMP version 13 design of experiments guide
  10. JMP start statistics : a guide to statistics and data analysis using JMP / John Sall [and four others]
  11. SAS 9.4 macro language : reference / SAS Institute
  12. Improve the outcome of your data experiments with A-B testing : practical statistics for data science / Peter C. Bruce and Andrew G. Bruce
  13. Improve your data quality using sampling distribution : practical statistics for data science / Peter C. Bruce and Andrew G. Bruce
  14. Volterra integral equations : an introduction to theory and applications / Hermann Brunner
  15. Fractals in probability and analysis / Christopher J. Bishop, Yuval Peres
  16. Advances in disordered systems, random processes, and some applications / [edited by] Pierluigi Contucci, Cristian GiardinÓ
  17. Introduction to coalgebra : towards mathematics of states and observation / Bart Jacobs
  18. LDPC code designs, constructions, and unification / Juane Li [and 4 others]
  19. Representations of elementary Abelian p-groups and vector bundles / David J. Benson
  20. Ordinal definability and recursion theory. Volume III : The Cabal Seminar / edited by Alexander S. Kechris, Benedikt L÷we, John R. Steel
  21. Contest theory : incentive mechanisms and ranking methods / Milan Vojnovi?
  22. Introduction to model spaces and their operators / Stephan Ramon Garcia, Javad Mashreghi, William T. Ross
  23. An introduction to formal languages and automata / Peter Linz
  24. Statistical analysis with R / Joseph Schmuller
  25. Computer age statistical inference : algorithms, evidence, and data science / Bradley Efron, Trevor Hastie
  26. A generalized framework of linear multivariable control / Liansheng Tan
  27. The astronomical aspect of the theory of relativity / by W. de Sitter ..
  28. The rapid fitting of a certain class of empirical formulae by the method of least squares / by Edward Condon. A rapid method for calculating the least squares solution of a polynomial of any degree / by Raymond T. Birge and John D. Shea
  29. Using natural density as a technique to extend Kempner's series / by Brian Michael Lubeck
  30. Handbook of research on modern optimization algorithms and applications in engineering and economics / Pandian Vasant, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, and Vo Ngoc Dieu, editors
  31. Research in collegiate mathematics education I / Ed Dubinsky, Alan H. Schoenfeld, Jim Kaput, editors ; Thomas Dick, managing editor
  32. Bessel functions