New Materials: Philosophy

  1. A functional connectivity MRI study of network sculpting in autism spectrum disorders / by Leeza Crounse Andersen
  2. The neurocognitive effects of changing hazardous drinking behaviors in adolescents and young adults / by Casey Bailey Kohen
  3. The rise and fall of the Atlantean civilization / by Zelda
  4. The spectators / Victor Hussenot
  5. PhilPapers : philosophical research online / general editors, David Bourget, David Chalmers
  6. Very good lives : the fringe benefits of failure and the importance of imagination / J.K. Rowling
  7. Your forces, and how to use them. By Prentice Mulford
  8. Thrice-greatest Hermes : studies in Hellenistic theosophy and gnosis / being a translation of the extant sermons and fragments of the Trismegistic literature, with prolegomena, commentaries, and notes, by G.R.S. Mead
  9. Literacy of the other : renarrating humanity / Aparna Mishra Tarc
  10. Thought in action : expertise and the conscious mind / Barbara Gail Montero
  11. Generations and collective memory / Amy Corning and Howard Schuman
  12. The qualitative vision for psychology : an invitation to a human science approach / edited by Constance T. Fischer, Leswin Laubscher & Roger Brooke
  13. Intelligence in the flesh : why your mind needs your body much more than it thinks / Guy Claxton
  14. Nothingness : philosophical insights into psychology / Jytte Bang and Ditte Winther-Lindqvist, editors ; with a foreword by Jaan Valsiner
  15. Adolescence and body image : from development to preventing dissatisfaction / Lina A. Ricciardelli and Zali Yager
  16. A guilted age : apologies for the past / Ashraf H.A. Rushdy
  17. The quotable Jung / collected and edited by Judith R. Harris with the collaboration of Tony Woolfson
  18. Obstruction / Nick Salvato
  19. The evolution of memory systems : ancestors, anatomy, and adaptations / Elisabeth A. Murray, Steven P. Wise, Kim S. Graham
  20. Cognitive training : an overview of features and applications / Tilo Strobach, Julia Karbach, editors
  21. Biological determinism, free will and moral responsibility : Insights from genetics and neuroscience / Chris Willmott
  22. Ostracism, exclusion, and rejection / edited by Kipling D. Williams and Steve A. Nida
  23. The embodied mind : cognitive science and human experience / Francisco J. Varela, Evan Thompson, Eleanor Rosch ; new foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn ; new introductions by Evan Thompson and Eleanor Rosch
  24. Choice : the sciences of reason in the 21st century : a critical assessment / Richard Harper, Dave Randall, Wes Sharrock
  25. Brain and mind : subjective experience and scientific objectivity / Andreas Steck, Barbara Steck
  26. Seeing things as they are : a theory of perception / John R. Searle
  27. The punitive society : lectures at the College de France 1972-1973 / Michel Foucault ; edited by Bernard E. Harcourt ; general editors : François Ewald and Alessandro Fontana ; English series editor : Arnold I. Davidson ; translated by Graham Burchell