New Materials: Political Science & the Law

  1. James Meredith [sound recording] : Black politics and the new South / James Meredith
  2. Global business regulation / John Braithwaite, Peter Drahos
  3. Building "situations of strength" : a national security strategy for the United States / Derek Chollet, Eric Edelman, Michele Flournoy, Stephen Hadley, Martin Indyk, Bruce Jones, Robert Kagan, Kristen Silverberg, Jake Sullivan, Thomas Wright
  4. Italian politics : a review. Vol. 1 / edited by Robert Leonardi and Raffaella Y. Nanetti
  5. Sovereignty for survival : american energy development and indian self-determination / James Robert Allison III
  6. Critical issues in American psychiatry and the law. Volume 2 / edited by Richard Rosner
  7. Violent subjects and rhetorical cartography in the age of the terror wars / Heather Ashley Hayes
  8. Return migration in later life : international perspectives / edited by John Percival
  9. Migration of unaccompanied children from Central America : causes, assistance and effectiveness
  10. Federal Care of Apprehended Unaccompanied Alien Children Analyses, Issues and Trends
  11. Returned : going and coming in an age of deportation / Deborah A. Boehm
  12. Becoming legal : immigration law and mixed-status families / Ruth Gomberg-Muņoz
  13. Democratic orators from JFK to Barack Obama / edited by Andrew Crines (Lecturer in Politics, University of Liverpool, UK), David S Moon (Lecturer in Politics, University of Bath, UK), Robert A. Lehrman (Professor of Public Communication, American University, Washington D.C., USA)
  14. The rhetorics of US immigration : identity, community, otherness / edited by E. Johanna Hartelius
  15. Freedom of speech and the function of rhetoric in the United States / Michael Donnelly
  16. Crossing borders, drawing boundaries : the rhetoric of lines across America / edited by Barbara Couture, Patti Wojahn
  17. American Indians and the rhetoric of removal and allotment / Jason Edward Black
  18. Presidential campaigns in Latin America : electoral strategies and success contagion / Taylor C. Boas (Boston University)
  19. Popular sovereignty and constituent power in Latin America : democracy from below / Emelio Betances, Carlos Figueroa Ibarra, editors
  20. The logic of compromise in Mexico : how the countryside was key to the emergence of authoritarianism / Gladys I. McCormick
  21. Karl Marx : greatness and illusion / Gareth Stedman Jones
  22. Democracy in Classical Athens / Christopher Carey
  23. Closing the rights gap : from human rights to social transformation / edited by LaDawn Haglund and Robin Stryker
  24. Energy efficiency clauses in charter party agreements : legal and economic perspectives and their application to ocean grain transport / George Adamantios Psarros
  25. Business enterprises : legal structures, governance, and policy : cases, materials, and problems / Douglas M. Branson, W. Edward Sell Chair in Business Law, University of Pittsburgh ; Joan MacLeod Heminway, W.P. Toms Distinguished Professor of Law, the University of Tennessee ; Mark J. Loewenstein, Monfort Professor of Law, University of Colorado ; Marc I. Steinberg, Radford Professor of Law, Southern Methodist University ; Manning Gilbert Warren III, Harold Edward Harter Chair of Commercial Law, University of Louisville
  26. Taiwan in Japan's empire-building : an institutional approach to colonial engineering / Hui-yu Caroline Ts'ai
  27. The promise of participation : experiments in participatory governance in Honduras and Guatemala / Daniel Altschuler, visiting scholar, Milano School of Internaitonal Affairs, management and urban policy, the New School, USA, and Javier Corrales, professor, Amherst College
  28. The Burger Court and the rise of the judicial right / Michael J. Graetz and Linda Greenhouse
  29. Geographies of migration / edited by Richard Wright
  30. Oneida : from free love Utopia to the well-set table / Ellen Wayland-Smith
  31. Fools, frauds and firebrands : thinkers of the new left / Roger Scruton
  32. The Oxford handbook of transformations of the state / edited by Stephan Leibfried, Evelyne Huber, Matthew Lange, Jonah D. Levy, Frank Nullmeier, and John D. Stephens
  33. The European Union and the rise of regionalist parties / Seth K. Jolly
  34. The world reimagined : Americans and human rights in the twentieth century / Mark Philip Bradley, University of Chicago
  35. The sovereignty of human rights / Patrick Macklem
  36. International human rights : text and materials / Philip Alston, Ryan Goodman
  37. Human rights : the hard questions / edited by Cindy Holder and David Reidy
  38. The human rights revolution : an international history / edited by Akira Iriye, Petra Goedde, and William I. Hitchcock
  39. Election law in a nutshell / by Daniel P. Tokaji (Charles W. Ebersold and Florence Whitcomb Ebersold Professor of Law, The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law)
  40. Constitutional law in a nutshell / Jerome A. Barron, C. Thomas Dienes
  41. Rape loot pillage : the political economy of sexual violence in armed conflict / Sara Meger
  42. The reinvention of populist rhetoric in the digital age : insiders & outsiders in democratic politics / Mark Rolfe
  43. Holocaust, genocide, and the law : a quest for justice in a post-holocaust world / Michael Bazyler
  44. A treatise on social justice / Brian Barry
  45. Critical issues in American psychiatry and the law