New Materials: Sociology

  1. Sociology : study of the social sphere / Yogesh Atal
  2. Cultural intelligence : surviving and thriving in the global village / David C. Thomas and Kerr Inkson
  3. Research in social problems and public policy. Volume 7, 1999 / editors, William R. Freudenburg, Ted I.K. Youn
  4. Why I march : images from the Women's March around the world / with photographs by Getty Images ; editors: Samantha Weiner and Emma Jacobs
  5. Woman rebel : the Margaret Sanger story / by Peter Bagge
  6. Social movements in times of austerity : bringing capitalism back into protest analysis / Donatella della Porta
  7. Compañeras : Zapatista women's stories / Hilary Klein
  8. Prosperity's predicament : identity, reform, and resistance in rural wartime China / Isabel Brown Crook and Christina Kelley Gilmartin with Yu Xiji, compiled and edited by Gail Hershatter and Emily Honig
  9. Westermarck's definition of the concept of the moral
  10. Edward Westermarck as anthropologist and sociologist : memorial lecture to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of Edw. Westermarck's birthday, delivered at a meeting of the Westermarck Society held at Åbo Akademi on November 20th, 1962 / [by] K. Rob. V. Wikman
  11. Rhetoric and ethics in the cybernetic age : the transhuman condition / Jeff Pruchnic
  12. Liminal bodies, reproductive health, and feminist rhetoric : searching the negative spaces in histories of rhetoric / Lydia M. McDermott
  13. We are Big data : the future of the information society / Sander Klous, Nart Wielaard
  14. The SAGE handbook of cultural sociology / edited by David Inglis and Anna-Mari Almila
  15. Digital identities : creating and communicating the online self / Rob Cover
  16. Critical perspectives on social media and protest : between control and emancipation / edited by Lina Dencik and Oliver Leistert
  17. Community-based qualitative research : approaches for education and the social sciences / Laura Ruth Johnson
  18. Agenda for social justice : solutions for 2016 / edited by Glenn W. Muschert, Brian V. Klocke, Robert Perrucci, and Jon Shefner
  19. Understanding institutions : the science and philosophy of living together / Francesco Guala
  20. Solitary action : acting on our own in everyday life / Ira J. Cohen
  21. The sociology student writer's manual and reader's guide / William A. Johnson, Jr., University of Central Oklahoma, Gregory M. Scott, University of Central Oklahoma Emeritus, Stephen M. Garrison, University of Central Oklahoma
  22. Sociology as a population science / John H. Goldthorpe, Nuffield College, Oxford
  23. Social media, politics and the state : protests, revolutions, riots, crime and policing in the age of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube / edited by Daniel Trottier and Christian Fuchs
  24. Seeking the American dream : a sociological inquiry / Robert C. Hauhart
  25. Psychology of the digital age : humans become electric / John R. Suler, Rider University
  26. The polygamy question / edited by Janet Bennion, Lisa Fishbayn Joffe
  27. Personal media and everyday life : a networked lifeworld / Terje Rasmussen, University of Oslo, Norway
  28. Life in and against the odds : debts of freedom and the speculative roots of U.S. culture / Heidi Hoechst
  29. Knowledge : is knowledge power? / by Marian Adolf and Nico Stehr
  30. The intercultural mind : connecting culture, cognition, and global living / Joseph Shaules ; illustrations by Matthieu Kollig
  31. Bad moon rising : how the Weather Underground beat the FBI and lost the revolution / Arthur M. Eckstein
  32. An examination of Latinx LGBT populations across the United States : intersections of race and sexuality / Antonio (Jay) Pastrana, Jr., Juan Battle, Angelique Harris
  33. Struggles for justice in Canada and Mexico : themes and theories about social mobilization / Linda Snyder
  34. Women in Mexican politics : a study of representation in a renewed federal and democratic state / Fernanda Vidal Correa
  35. Nonviolence ain't what it used to be : unarmed insurrection and the rhetoric of resistance / by Shon Meckfessel
  36. Global women leaders : studies in feminist political rhetoric / edited by Michele Lockhart and Kathleen Mollick
  37. Democracy's lot : rhetoric, publics, and the places of invention / Candice Rai
  38. Marriage in Europe, 1400-1800 / edited by Silvana Seidel Menchi ; with the collaboration of Emlyn Eisenach
  39. The management of hate : nation, affect, and the governance of right-wing extremism in Germany / Nitzan Shoshan
  40. Contributions to alternative concepts of knowledge / Michael Kuhn, Hebe Vessuri (eds.)
  41. A theory of nonviolent action : how civil resistance works / Stellan Vinthagen
  42. Prosocial development : a multidimensional approach / edited by Laura M. Padilla-Walker and Gustavo Carlo
  43. The Oxford handbook of sociology, social theory, and organization studies : contemporary currents / edited by Paul Adler, Paul Du Gay, Glenn Morgan, and Mike Reed
  44. New advances in the study of civic voluntarism : resources, engagement, and recruitment / edited by Casey A. Klofstad
  45. The great leveler : violence and the history of inequality from the Stone Age to the twenty-first century / Walter Scheidel
  46. Class acts : young men and the rise of lifestyle / Mary Rizzo
  47. Civic engagement and social media : political participation beyond the protest / edited by Julie Uldam and Anne Vestergaard
  48. What's normal? : reconciling biology and culture / Allan V. Horwitz
  49. Tensions in the American Dream : rhetoric, reverie, or reality / Melanie E.L. Bush and Roderick Bush
  50. Protest, social movements, and global democracy since 2011 : new perspectives / edited by Thomas Davies, Department of International Politics, City University London, UK; Holly Eva Ryan, Crick Centre, University of Sheffield, UK; Alejandro Milcíades Peña, Department of Politics, University of York, UK
  51. The objectification spectrum : understanding and transcending our diminishment and dehumanization of others / John M. Rector
  52. Moral politics : how liberals and conservatives think / George Lakoff
  53. Marriage in an age of cohabitation : how and when people tie the knot in the twenty-first century / Maureen Baker & Vivienne Elizabeth
  54. Impulse to act : a new anthropology of resistance and social justice / edited by Othon Alexandrakis
  55. Queer brown voices : personal narratives of Latina/o LGBT activism / edited by Uriel Quesada, Letitia Gomez, and Salvador Vidal-Ortiz
  56. Beyond machismo : intersectional Latino masculinities / Aída Hurtado and Mrinal Sinha
  57. Gender challenges / Bina Agarwal
  58. Japan's ultra-right / by Naoto Higuchi ; translated by Teresa Castelvetere
  59. The spectacular favela : violence in modern Brazil / Erika Robb Larkins
  60. Revolution within the revolution : women and gender politics in Cuba, 1952-1962 / Michelle Chase
  61. Intimate activism : the struggle for sexual rights in postrevolutionary Nicaragua / Cymene Howe
  62. The madwoman's underclothes : essays and occasional writings / Germaine Greer
  63. The Nordic theory of everything : in search of a better life / Anu Partanen
  64. The lovers : Afghanistan's Romeo & Juliet : the true story of how they defied their families and escaped an honor killing / Rod Nordland
  65. Excellent daughters : the secret lives of young women who are transforming the Arab world / Katherine Zoepf
  66. Thank you for being late : an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations / Thomas L. Friedman
  67. All the single ladies : unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation / Rebecca Traister
  68. Scenescapes : how qualities of place shape social life / Daniel Aaron Silver and Terry Nichols Clark
  69. Younger than that now : the politics of age in the 1960s / Holly V. Scott
  70. Thugs and thieves : the differential etiology of violence / Joanne Savage and Kevin H. Wozniak
  71. A social justice approach to survey design and analysis / Llewellyn J. Cornelius, Donna Harrington
  72. The presentation of self in contemporary social life / David Shulman, Lafayette College
  73. Digital sociology / Deborah Lupton
  74. Picture bride stories / Barbara F. Kawakami
  75. Intersectionality : an intellectual history / Ange-Marie Hancock
  76. Getting respect : responding to stigma and discrimination in the United States, Brazil, and Israel / Michèle Lamont [and six others]
  77. Why inequality matters : luck egalitarianism, its meaning and value / Shlomi Segall, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  78. Sex, knowledge, and receptions of the past / edited by Kate Fisher and Rebecca Langlands
  79. Policies for happiness / edited by Stefano Bartolini, Ennio Bilancini, Luigino Bruni, and Pier Luigi Porta
  80. The Oxford handbook of well-being and public policy / edited by Matthew D. Adler and Marc Fleurbaey
  81. Organizing locally : how the new decentralists improve education, health care, and trade / Bruce Fuller ; with Mary Berg, Danfeng Soto-Vigil Koon, and Lynette Parker
  82. Norms in the wild : how to diagnose, measure, and change social norms / Cristina Bicchieri
  83. Norbert Elias and social theory / edited by François Dépelteau and Tatiana Savoia Landini
  84. Networked media, networked rhetorics / Damien Smith Pfister
  85. LGBTQ stats : lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people by the numbers / David Deschamps and Bennett Singer
  86. How change happens / Duncan Green
  87. The happiness effect : how social media is driving a generation to appear perfect at any cost / Donna Freitas ; foreword by Christian Smith
  88. Dark ideas : how neo-Nazi and violent jihadi ideologues shaped modern terrorism / Travis Morris
  89. Christians under covers : evangelicals and sexual pleasure on the Internet / Kelsy Burke
  90. China's cyber power / Nigel Inkster
  91. Exploring masculinities : identity, inequality, continuity and change / C.J. Pascoe and Tristan Bridges
  92. Emerging adulthood : the winding road from the late teens through the twenties / Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
  93. The sociology student's guide to writing / Angelique Harris, Marquette University, Alia R. Tyner-Mullings, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, CUNY
  94. Control and protect : collaboration, carceral protection, and domestic sex trafficking in the United States / Jennifer Musto
  95. Broadening the scope of human trafficking research : a reader / edited by Erin C. Heil, Andrea J. Nichols
  96. Building relationships : online dating and the new logics of internet culture / Dawn Shepherd
  97. After marriage : rethinking marital relationships / edited by Elizabeth Brake
  98. Women's movements in post-"Arab Spring" North Africa / edited by Fatima Sadiqi
  99. Women in twentieth-century Africa / Iris Berger
  100. Behind from the start : how America's war on the poor is harming our most vulnerable children / Lenette Azzi-Lessing
  101. Gender outlaw : on men, women, and the rest of us / Kate Bornstein
  102. Einführung in die Kulturwissenschaft : Grundbegriffe, Themen, Fragestellungen / von Aleida Assmann
  103. Intercultural communication for global business : how leaders communicate for success / Elizabeth A. Tuleja
  104. The American woman, 1992-93 : a status report / edited by Paula Ries and Anne J. Stone for the Women's Research & Education Institute