New Materials: Sociology

  1. Becoming critical : the emergence of social justice scholars / edited by Felecia M. Briscoe and Muhammad A. Khalifa
  2. Intimacy on the Internet : media representations of online connections / by Lauren Rosewarne
  3. Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals becoming parents or remaining childfree : confronting social inequalities / Cara Bergstrom-Lynch
  4. Incarcerating the crisis : freedom struggles and the rise of the neoliberal state / Jordan T. Camp
  5. Social media abyss : critical internet cultures and the force of negation / Geert Lovink
  6. Data love : the seduction and betrayal of digital technologies / Roberto Simanowski
  7. Intersectionality / Patricia Hill Collins, Sirma Bilge
  8. Digital media and society : transforming economics, politics and social practices / Andrew White, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
  9. Is it worth the big bucks : examining the variation of student-teacher relationships across public and private institutions / by Jessica Lynn Rinauro
  10. Women in eighteenth-century Europe / Margaret R. Hunt
  11. The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination
  12. Radical feminists : a guide to an American subculture / Paul D. Buchanan
  13. Conceptual and methodological issues on the adjustment to aging : perspectives on aging well / Sofia von Humboldt
  14. Teaching and learning with infants and toddlers where meaning-making begins / Mary Jane Maguire-Fong ; contributions by J. Ronald Lally, T. Berry Brazelton, Ed Tronick
  15. Contemporary families : translating research into practice / edited by Scott Browning, Kay Pasley
  16. Women, war, and violence : topography, resistance, and hope / Mariam M. Kurtz and Lester R. Kurtz, editors
  17. Contemporary youth activism : advancing social justice in the United States / Jerusha Conner and Sonia M. Rosen, editors
  18. Youth cultures in America / Simon J. Bronner and Cindy Dell Clark, editors
  19. Helping relationships with older adults : from theory to practice / Adelle M. Williams Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
  20. Ageing and technology : perspectives from the social sciences / Emma Domínguez-Rué, Linda Nierling (eds.)
  21. The young are making their world : essays on the power of youth culture / edited by Yuya Kiuchi and Francisco A. Villarruel
  22. Same-sex marriage, context, and lesbian identity : wedded but not always a wife / Julie Whitlow and Patricia Ould
  23. Will the real Pakistani woman please stand up? : empire, visual culture and the brown female body / Moon Charania
  24. The changing dynamics of bisexual men's lives : social research perspectives / Eric Anderson, Mark McCormack
  25. Proposing prosperity? : marriage education policy and inequality in America / Jennifer M. Randles
  26. Participatory culture in a networked era : a conversation on youth, learning, commerce, and politics / Henry Jenkins, Mizuko Ito, and danah boyd
  27. Buying a bride : an engaging history of mail-order matches / Marcia A. Zug
  28. Changing the subject : art and attention in the Internet age / Sven Birkerts
  29. Press portrayals of women politicians, 1870s-2000s : from "lunatic" Woodhull to "polarizing" Palin / Teri Finneman
  30. Real queer? : sexual orientation and gender identity refugees in the Canadian refugee apparatus / David A.B. Murray
  31. Jovenes en movimiento en el mundo globalizado / María Lucero Jiménez Guzmán, coordinadora
  32. Postcolonial reconstruction : a sociological reading of Octavio Paz / Oliver Kozlarek