New Materials: Social Work

  1. In quest of the last victory / Navin Gulia
  2. The art of the crisis line for child abuse prevention : a training manual for volunteers / Carol A. Johnston
  3. Reimagining the human service relationship / Jaber F. Gubrium, Tone Alm Andreassen, Per Koren Solvang, editors
  4. Social work practice in child welfare : the interactional model / Lawrence Shulman
  5. Conservative Christian beliefs and sexual orientation in social work : privilege, oppression, and the pursuit of human rights / Adrienne B. Dessel, Rebecca M. Bolen, editors
  6. Street children and homeless youth : a cross-cultural perspective / Lewis Aptekar, Daniel Stoecklin
  7. The politics of suffering : Syria's Palestinian refugee camps / Nell Gabiam
  8. Inventing the feeble mind : a history of intellectual disability in the United States / James W. Trent Jr., Gordon College
  9. Children of reunion : Vietnamese adoptions and the politics of family migrations / Allison Varzally
  10. Abb Sicard's deaf education : empowering the mute, 1785-1820 / Emmet Kennedy
  11. The new odyssey : the story of the twenty-first-century refugee crisis / Patrick Kingsley
  12. The minority body : a theory of disability / Elizabeth Barnes
  13. International sign : linguistic, usage, and status issues / Rachel Rosenstock and Jemina Napier, editors
  14. Urban resilience : planning for risk, crisis and uncertainty / Jon Coaffee and Peter Lee
  15. Celebrity philanthropy / edited by Elaine Jeffreys and Paul Allatson
  16. The Oxford handbook of refugee and forced migration studies / edited by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Gil Loescher, Katy Long, Nando Sigona
  17. Never enough : capitalism and the progressive spirit / Neil Gilbert
  18. Motivational interviewing : a workbook for social workers / Jacqueline Corcoran, Ph.D
  19. Political and humanitarian responses to Syrian displacement / Sarah Deardorff Miller