New Materials: Biology

  1. From matter to life : information and causality / edited by Sara Imari Walker, Paul C.W. Davies, George F.R. Ellis
  2. Second ten year index to The Condor : volumes XI-XX, 1909-1918 / J.R. Pemberton
  3. The tsunami of April 1, 1946 / by F.P. Shepard, G.A. Macdonald, and D.C. Cox
  4. Pontinus vaughani, a new scorpaenid fish from Baja California / by Percy S. Barnhart and Carl L. Hubbs
  5. Vernal distribution of marine plankton diatoms offshore in southern California in 1940 / by W.E. Allen
  6. Seasonal occurrence of marine plankton diatoms off southern California in 1938 / by W.E. Allen
  7. A list of marine bacteria including descriptions of sixty new species / by Claude E. ZoBell and Harvey C. Upham
  8. Marine plankton diatoms of the west coast of North America / by Easter E. Cupp
  9. Modern cell biology. Volume 1 / series editor, Birgit H. Satir
  10. Cacti of San Diego county : a non-technical guide
  11. Selections from embryological monographs / compiled by Alexander Agassiz, Walter Faxon and E.L. Mark
  12. Uintacrinus: its structure and relations / by Frank Springer
  13. The Panamic deep sea Echini / by Alexander Agassiz
  14. Comparative primate biology
  15. Current topics in developmental biology. Volume 46 / edited by Roger A. Pedersen and Gerald P. Schatten
  16. Birders of Africa : history of a network / Nancy J. Jacobs
  17. Bacteriophages and the functional manipulation of marine microbial communities / by Lauren Ashley Paul
  18. A study of risk factors associated with inflammatory bowel disease / by Tony S. Gibson
  19. Phage translocation across epithelial cells / by Sophie Thanh Van Nguyen
  20. Lab girl / Hope Jahren
  21. The ethics and rhetoric of invasion ecology / edited by James Stanescu and Kevin Cummings
  22. Zebrafish : methods and protocols / edited by Koichi Kawakami, E. Elizabeth Patton, Michael Orger
  23. Network economics of marine ecosystems and their exploitation / Christian Mullon, Institut de Recherche pour le Dévelopment UMR2012 Exploited Marine Ecosystems, Avenue Jean Monnet, 34200, Sète, France
  24. DNA-protein interactions : principles and protocols / edited by Tom Moss
  25. Membrane properties : mechanical aspects, receptors, energetics and calcium-dependence of transport / Felix Bronner and Arnost Kleinzeller
  26. Encyclopedia of plant physiology / editors, A. Pirson, M.H. Zimmermann
  27. Flora of North America : north of Mexico / edited by Flora of North America Editorial Committee
  28. Das Phytoplankton des süsswassers : systematik und biologie / von dr. phil. et med. G. Huber-Pestalozzi
  29. Anatomie der Fische / von Wilhelm Harder
  30. Life histories of Central American birds / illustrated with drawings by Don R. Eckelberry