American Indian Studies

California Indians and their reservations: an online dictionary

Originally compiled by: Phillip White


    Map of California Reservations
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    Death Valley Indian Community Description
    Dry Creek Rancheria Description
    Elem Indian Colony Description
    Elk Valley Rancheria Description
    Enterprise Rancheria Description
    Esselen Description
    Ewiiaapaayp Description
    Fort Bidwell Indian Community Description
    Fort Bidwell Reservation Description
    Fort Independence Reservation Description
    Fort Mohave Reservation Description
    Fort Yuma Reservation Description
    Graton Rancheria Description
    Greenville Rancheria of Maidu Indians Description
    Grindstone Indians Rancheria Description
    Guidiville Rancheria of Pomo Indians Description
    Hanhawi Description
    Hewisedawi Description
    Hokan Language Family Description
    Holkoma Description
    Hoopa Valley Reservation Description
    Hopland Band of Pomo Indians Description
    Hupa Indians Description
    Ilmawi Description
    Inaja & Cosmit Band of Mission Indians Description
    Indian Canyon Band of Costanoan/Matsun Indians Description
    Indian Community Description
    Ione Band of Miwok Description
    Ipai Description
    Itasatawi Description
    Jackson Band of Mewuk Indians  Description
    Jackson Rancheria Description
    Jamul Band of Mission Indians Description
    Jamul Indian Village (Reservation) Description
    Juaneņo Description
    Kaipomo Indians Description
    Kamia Indians  Description
    Karuk Indians Description
    Kashaya Description
    Kato Description
    Kawaiisu Description
    Kitanemuk Description
    Konkow Description
    Konomihu Description
    Kosalextawi Description
    Kumeyaay Description
    Kutzadika'a People Description
    Kuupangaxwichem Description
    La Jolla Band of Mission Indians Description
    La Jolla Indian Reservation Description
    La Jolla People Description
    La Posta Band of Mission Indians  Description
    La Posta Reservation Description
    Landless Indians Description
    Languages Families of California Description
    Lassik Description
    Laytonville Rancheria Description
    Likely Rancheria Description
    Linguistic groups of California Description
    Little River Band of Pomo Indians Description
    Lone Pine Reservation Description
    Lookout Reservation Description
    Los Coyotes Band of Mission Indians Description
    Los Coyotes Reservation Description
    Luiseņo Indians Description
    Lytton Rancheria Description