American Indian Studies

California Indians and their reservations: an online dictionary

Originally compiled by: Phillip White


    Map of California Reservations
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    Madesi Description
    Maidu Description
    Maidu (Northwestern)  Description
    Manchester-Point Arena Rancheria Description
    Manzanita Indian Reservation Description
    Manzinita Band of Mission Indians Description
    Mattole Indians Description
    Mechoopda Indian Tribe of the Chico Rancheria Description
    Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians Description
    Mesa Grande Reservation Description
    Mewok  Description
    Mewuk Language Description
    Middletown Rancheria Description
    Mission Indians Description
    Missions Description
    Miwok Description
    Miwok Language Description
    Mojave(Mohave) Description
    Monache Description
    Mono (Language) Description
    Mono Indians Description
    Mono Lake Indian Community Description
    Mono Western (Monache) Description
    Monterey Band of Monterey County Description
    Montgomery Creek Rancheria Description
    Mooretown Rancheria Description
    Morongo Band of Mission Indians Description
    Morongo Reservation Description
    Muwekma Ohlone Tribe Description
    Natinook-wa Description
    Newe Description
    Nim Description
    Nisenan Description
    Nomlaki Description
    Nongatl Description
    North Fork Rancheria Description
    Northwestern Maidu Description
    Numic Description
    Obispeno Description
    Ohlone (or, Costanoan, or Muwekma Tribe) Description
    Ohlone Indian Tribe Description
    Ohlone/Coastanoan-Esselen Nation Description
    Okwanuchu Description
    Pahkanapil Description
    Paiute Indians Description
    Paiute-Shoshone Indians of the Bishop Community of the Bishop Colony Description
    Paiute-Shoshone Indians of the Lone Pine Community Description
    Pala Band of Mission Indians Description
    Pala Indian Reservation Description
    Palagewan Description
    Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians Description
    Patwin Indians Description
    Pauma Band of Mission Indians  Description
    Pauma Indian Reservation Description
    Pechanga Reservation Description
    Pechenga Band of Mission Indians Description
    Penutian Language Family Description
    Picayune Racheria Description
    Pinoleville Rancheria Description
    Pit River Indians (Achumawi, Atsugewi) Description
    Pomo Indians Description
    Pomo Language Description
    Populations Description
    Potter Valley Rancheria Description
    Purisimeno Description