American Indian Studies

California Indians and their reservations: an online dictionary

Originally compiled by: Phillip White


    Map of California Reservations
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    Quartz Valley Indian Community Description
    Ramatush Description
    Ramona Band of Mission Indians Description
    Ramona Reservation Description
    Rancheria Description
    Ranchos Description
    Redding Rancheria Description
    Redwood Valley Rancheria Description
    Reservations Description
    Resighini Rancheria Description
    Rincon Band of Mission Indians Description
    Rincon Reservation Description
    Roaring Creek Rancheria Description
    Robinson Rancheria Description
    Round Valley Reservation Description
    Rumsen Description
    Rumsey Rancheria Description
    Salinan Indians Description
    San Diego Tribe Description
    San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians Description
    San Manuel Reservation Description
    San Pasqual Band of Mission Indian Description
    San Pasqual Reservation Description
    Santa Barbara Indians Description
    Santa Gertrudis Chapel Description
    Santa Rosa Rancheria Description
    Santa Rosa Reservation Description
    Santa Ynez Band of Mission Indians Description
    Santa Ynez Reservation Description
    Santa Ysabel Band of Mission Indians Description
    Santa Ysabel Reservation Description
    Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians of the Sugar Bowl Rancheria Description
    Serrano Description
    Shasta Description
    Sheep Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk  Description
    Sherwood Valley Rancheria Description
    Shingle Springs Rancheria Description
    Shoshone Description
    Siera Miwok Description
    Sinkyone Description
    Smith River Indians Description
    Smith River Rancheria Description
    Soboba Band of Mission Indians Description
    Soboba Reservation Description
    Stewart's Point Rancheria Description
    Sulphur Bank Rancheria/Elem Indian Colony Description
    Susanville Rancheria Description
    Sycuan Band OF Mission Indians Description
    Sycuan Rancheria Description