American Indian Studies

California Indians and their reservations: an online dictionary

Originally compiled by: Phillip White


    Map of California Reservations
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    Wukchumni Tribe Description
    Table Bluff Rancheria  Description
    Table Mountain Rancheria Description
    Tache(or Tachi) Indians  Description
    Takic language Description
    Takimildin Description
    Timbi-Sha Band of Western Shoshone Indians Description
    Tipai Description
    Tipai-Ipai Indians Description
    Toloim Description
    Tolowa Indians Description
    Torres-Martinez Band of Mission Indians Description
    Treaties Description
    Tribelets Description
    Trinidad Rancheria Description
    Tsnungwe Indians Description
    Tsurai Description
    Tubatulabal Indians Description
    Tule River Reservation Description
    Tuolumne Rancheria Description
    Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians Description
    Twenty-Nine Palms Reservation Description
    U-Tu Utu Gwaitu Paiute Tribe Description
    United Auburn Indian Community Description
    Upper Lake Rancheria Description
    Uto-Aztecan Languages Description
    Ventureno Description
    Verona Band of Alameda County Description
    Viejas Reservation Description
    Wailaki Indians Description
    Wappo Indians Description
    Warner Springs Indians Description
    Washoe Indians Description
    Weott Indians Description
    Whilkut Indians Description
    Wilakalpa Description
    Wintu Indians Description
    Wintun Indians Description
    Wiyot Indians Description
    Woodfords Community Description
    X-L Ranch Reservation Description
    Yahi Description
    Yakuts Indians Description
    Yana Indians Description
    Ynezeno Description
    Yoche Dehe Description
    Yosemite Indians Description
    Ystagua Village  Description
    Yuki Indians Description
    Yuman Language Description
    Yurok Indians Description
    Yurok Reservation Description