Access to the SDSU Library and Its Collections

The SDSU Library's online catalog, is the most complete listing of our holdings and includes listings of books, government publications, media, and periodicals. The catalog is freely available from any computer.  More information on searching the catalog and locating materials in the library. Students must retrieve materials in the library themselves, as we do not offer a paging or mailing service.

Access to Article Databases

The SDSU Library offers access to more than 100 article databases. Most of these electronic resources are available remotely via the library's home page. Access to remotely available library resources is restricted to current SDSU faculty/students/staff, and requires that users set up a library PIN.

To use electronic library resources that require the use of SDSU Red ID numbers, the student must be in the SDSU Library patron registration database. To have been registered, at least one of the following must have taken place:

  • a student has been listed in the Admissions & Records database as a current student;
  • a faculty member or staff person has registered with the SDSU Library's Circulation Department by filling out a Library Registration Form and showing a current SDSU identification card at the Circulation Desk;
  • a coordinator for a specific DL program has worked with members of the Library's Circulation Department to register students within their programs

If near another public or state-supported library, especially a CSU, students would be able to access most of the article databases that the library offers while physically in that library.

Access to Print Reference Sources

If an answer can quickly be found in a reference tool (dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories) and the answer/information covers 5 or fewer pages, the information can be faxed or photocopied and mailed to the DL student. Turnaround time on this service can vary, but averages 1 working day for faxes.  Contact the reference desk for more information.

Access to Items Not in the SDSU Library Collection

For books not in the SDSU Library collection, DL students can make requests using a variety of interlibrary loan services such as the Circuit (1-2 days) or interlibrary loan. For all three of these services, students can place requests online, but must come to the SDSU Library to retrieve the items requested.

For periodical articles not available in the SDSU Library collection, students can place an interlibrary loan request online and receive a PDF article within 2-14 days.

SDSU students do have access to other CSU libraries' collections. While physically in another CSU Library, students can make copies of articles, and, if they have a current SDSU student ID with them, borrow books.

Research Help

SDSU librarians can provide research help to DL students in person, by phone, by text, by 24/7 online chat.

Students may also set up an appointment with a librarian specializing in a subject area. For optimum results, these librarians should be informed of the DL program in advance and be provided with a description of the research expectations placed upon the students.

Instructional Services

Orientations in using SDSU Library resources or in doing bibliographic research are available for DL programs. These orientations can take place in the SDSU Library or can be offered through the use of DL technology as long as it is available on both the sending and receiving ends. Librarians can also travel off-site to do instructional sessions, but support for this travel would have to be supplied by the group requesting the session(s).

Computing Assistance

The SDSU Student Computing Center can provide in-person, by phone and by e-mail assistance with DL student computing questions.