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The Media Center is located in the basement of Library Addition at the bottom of the dome. Other than movies, tv shows, music and other media, the media center has study rooms, video rooms and even a large presentation room for groups needing a projector, microphones or video recording.

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Search our catalog for movies, tv shows, documentaries, music, audio recordings etc.

Search Media

Borrow Media Equipment

Borrow video cameras, laptops, tablets, eReaders, cords etc.

Borrow Media Equipment

Reserve Presentation Room

Reserve the presentation room for practice, meetings, movie screenings, or even recording yourself.

Reserve Presentation Room

Reserve Study Room

Reserve a study room in 24/7 area, media center, or CPMC.

Reserve Study Room

Reserve a Video Room

Reserve a video room for a small group to watch some media.

Reserve Video Room

Faculty Media Reserve

Give us a working 48-hour period and we'll have it on reserve.

Request Media for Reserve

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Media Center Contact

Location: SDSU Library & Information Access, Library Addition 61N
Phone: 619.594.6757

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