Checkout of media materials

Circulation Periods:

  • 4 days for all circulating media items with (1) one 4 day renewal
  • 4 hours for items designated For Media Center Use Only
  • 4 hours in-house use for most media center equipment. (Exceptions are the Flip video cameras.)
  • 4 hours in-house use for ALL Media Reserve items
  • 4 hour check-out for all cables, adaptors and connectors. (Unless other arrangements have been made.)

Media materials are subject to a fine of $1.00 a day for each overdue item

Media reserve items are subject to a fine of $1.00 for each hour the item is overdue

Media Reserve includes media materials placed on reserve by faculty for use within the Media Center

Listening and viewing equipment for all formats in the Media Center's collection

Media Presentation Room accommodates up to 15 individuals for media presentation design and preparation in a group study environment

Assistance in retrieving materials from the Media Center's collection

Assistance in use of media equipment

Video Cameras (10) total: Speak to Media Center staff regarding loan period

(3)Canon HD cameras w/32 GB internal Hard Drive

(4) Canon DV mini-cams (DV minicam-tape units)

(1) Hi-8 digital Handicam, (tape unit)

(2) Flip Video Cameras, available for checkout and use outside of the library

Laptops, Nexus tablets and Nooks:

(6) Macbook Pros: available for (4) four-day checkouts.  Check availability.

(2) Nexus 7 tablets: available for (4) four day checkouts  Check availability

(24) Nook Readers: available for (28) twenty eight-day checkouts  Check availability