Checkout of media materials

Circulation Periods:

  • 4 days for all circulating media items with (1) one 4 day renewal
  • 4 hours for items designated For Media Center Use Only
  • 4 hours in-house use for most media center equipment. (Exceptions are the Flip video cameras.)
  • 4 hours in-house use for ALL Media Reserve items
  • 4 hour check-out for all cables, adaptors and connectors. (Unless other arrangements have been made.)

 * Media materials are subject to a fine of $1.00 a day for each overdue item

Media Reserve includes media materials placed on reserve by faculty for use within the Media Center

 * Media reserve items are subject to a fine of $1.00 for each hour the item is overdue

Assistance in retrieving materials from the Media Center's collection

Media Center Rooms:

Media Center Computer Rooms: PC and Mac platforms available for A/V and Multi Media use

Media Center Group Collaboration Rooms B, D, & F: Large-Screen monitors for group study and collaboration

                                                                                          *for use by groups of 4 or more

Media Presentation Room "G": accommodates up to 7 individuals for media presentation design and preparation

Media Presentation Room "63": is a dual-purpose room for groups of 15+


Check out of equipment and support gear

A/V equipment is available for all formats in the Media Center's collection

Video Cameras (7) total:

  • (4) Canon DV mini-cams and (1) Hi-8 digital Handicam, for in-house use only
  • (2) Flip Video Cameras, available for checkout and use outside of the library

Other support equipment includes:

  • Card readers
  • USB Microphones
  • Camera Tripods
  • DVD/CD Readers
  • Data Projector
  • Cables, connectors and adaptors for phones and pads

Assistance in the use of media A/V and computer support equipment