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We've Got a Book Eye Scanner

We are pleased to announce that the Research Services Area is now the proud home of a Book Eye scanner.  As part of the Research Services Area upgrade, there is a Book Eye scanner located just outside the elevator bank closest to the print reference collection.

What is a Book Eye?

It is an easy to use, convenient green technology that allows students to make scanned pdf images of books and other library materials free of charge. You can save your scanned images to a thumb drive or email your scans to yourself directly from the Book Eye machine. Not only does it help to eliminate waste, but it also allows students to have greater access to the print reference collection. It is conveniently located next to the reference print collection and this allows students to connect to materials in innovative meaningful ways. The Book Eye provides you with new ways to interact with the library’s print collection. You can easily take a print source to the Book Eye and scan the information you need.

The Book Eye is another example of how technology at the SDSU library is pushing us forward.  Not only does it allow students a free and easy way to make digital scans but it helps give new life to print reference sources.

Need Help Using the Book Eye?

The Book Eye Scanner can scan documents up to 35.4 x 25 inches in a resolution up to 300x400dpi.  Items can be scanned in color, grayscale, or black and white and saved as JPEG, PDF (both searchable and image-only), or TIFF file formats to USB or emailed.

Getting Started:

  1. Place item under the Book Eye
  2. Click “Scan” on the touch screen
  3. Continue this process until you have finished scanning what you need
  4. Click “Save to USB or send E-mail” on the touch screen and follow instructions on screen.
  5. If you want to save to USB, insert USB in the upper right hand corner of the machine, above the touch screen.

Modifying Images

  • If you want to modify your scanned images hit the “Modify” tab located on the touch screen
  • From this screen you can do the following:
    • Change color
    • Change resolution
    • Change orientation
    • Adjust brightness
    • Adjust contrast

Book Eye Scanner Locations

Find where you can scan books.

Book Eye Scanner Locations


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Written by: Brittany Geissinger and Linda Salem
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