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Is the book you need checked out or not available at SDSU and you need it fast? Read on to learn about Circuit, and how it can help you get the materials you need fast.

The San Diego Circuit is a service designed to allow library users from participating libraries to quickly borrow books from other San Diego Circuit libraries if the books are not owned by their home library or if their library's copy is already checked-out.  As SDSU students, faculty or staff, you are viewed as virtual students at other institutions in the San Diego area including:   University of California, San Diego, University of San Diego, California State University San Marcos, San Diego County Library and San Diego Public Library.  What does this mean? You can use Circuit to borrow materials that SDSU does not own, or owns but is currently checked out, for free.

You can search in Circuit directly, by searching here:  Or you can link to Circuit after searching within SDSU’s library catalog. After searching in the catalog or PAC, look for the Repeat Search in Circuit button that is listed above the search box on the list of returned results, it is a green box.  Clicking on that box, will take you directly into Circuit’s catalog and perform the same search you attempted in SDSU’s library catalog (PAC). 

Once you find what you want listed in the Circuit catalog, click on the title of the item to see more information.  In the center of the page, you will see how many libraries in the Circuit system have the item you want.  Click on this button to see if any of the libraries that have the item have an available copy.  If there is a copy where the “Request Status” is listed as available, you can click on the check box that says “Request.” 

From the Request screen, you will be asked first to use the pull down menu to select the institution you are affiliated with, San Diego State.  Next, you will be prompted to put in your name, Red ID and library pin.  Don’t forget to select a pickup location using a pull down menu on this screen, and select SDSU-Main Campus.  You will then see a confirmation screen.

Items requested using Circuit will be received at SDSU’s circulation desk within 1-3 business days.  NOTE: Weekends, holidays and calendars may affect the delivery schedule.  Items coming from San Diego County Library can take up to 3-5 days to arrive at your institution depending on branch location.  The loan period is 21-28 days with 1-3 renewals depending on the member library's loan policy.  Keep in mind that, the overdue fine for items returned after the due date is typically $1.00 per day per depending on the home library’s policy.  Replacement costs are generally $140.00 per item.

When you are finished with your item, you will return it to SDSU’s circulation desk to then be returned to the home library.  If you have questions about Circuit, check out the FAQ section on Circuit’s web page.

Circuit is a great free resource that gives you access to many valuable resources at the other wonderful institutions in the San Diego area.  If you have questions about requesting a book in Circuit stop by the Reference Desk.

Written by: Brittany Cronin, Questions?