Book and Media Requests

Anyone affiliated with the SDSU library may suggest a book or media title for purchase by completing the Purchase Request Form below.  Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee that the title requested will be purchased.  All requests will be reviewed by the appropriate subject-area librarian and the head of collection development. Factors considered in the selection of materials include the collection policy for the subject, the cost of the title, and the availability of funds.

Journal and Database Requests

SDSU faculty, staff, and students may also suggest journals or databases for purchase.  Factors considered in the selection of journals include coverage of the requested title in databases and indexes, the title's specific application towards course work and teaching at SDSU, and the availability of funds required to purchase, support and sustain the requested title. For databases, factors for selection include the database's coverage of the journal literature, ease of use, and the availability of funds to purchase, support and sustain the requested database.

Questions can be directed to Wil Weston, Head of Collection Development at

Purchase Request Form

Due to the continuing expense and long-term maintenance associated with journal subscriptions, please submit a justification of the subscription with your request (e.g. research and/or courses that the recommended journal will support).

Is this resource needed for course reserves? If so, specify the course number and semester.