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Printing costs 10 cents per page for black and white, 45 cents for color.  The default is black and white printing.  Color transparencies can be printed in the Student Computing Center and the 24/7 Study Area for $1.10 per page. Black and white transparencies can be printed in the 24/7 Study Area for 60 cents.

  1. Send your job
    1. Send your print job from your library computer, usually by choosing File/Print from the program's main menu. Remember your computer number (LAB####, TFS####, RSRV####, etc.), which is on the monitor.
    2. Send your print job from your laptop or phone by emailing an attached document to, and picking it up from any library print station.  This works for black and white printing only.
  2. Go to a public print station. There are four in the Student Computing Center, two in the 24/7 Study Area, two in Reference, one in the Current Periodicals and Microforms Center, and one in the Media Center. There are color printers in the Student Computing Center, 24/7 Study Area, and Reference.
  3. Select your computer from the ones listed on the printer's screen.
  4. Select the jobs you wish to print, and click "print these jobs."
  5. Swipe your SDSUCard or Guest Copy Card.
  6. Click the "pay and print" button.
  7. Take your printouts from the printer.

Copying & Faxing

Library Print Services maintains and repairs the Library's copy machines; microfiche and film printers; and the bill and coin change machines. We are located in the 24/7 Study Area and can be reached at (619) 594-3446.

We offer:

  • Instruction in copier and SDSU Card machine usage
  • Colored paper
  • Remakes for bad copies
  • Transparencies are $.50 for B/W and $1.10 for color
  • Poster printing
  • Faxes are $.50 per page. We cannot send faxes internationally. The nearest location from which an international fax can be sent is from CAL COPY; which is located on College Ave next to the campus.
  • Faxes can be sent to the Copy Service Office for pick up. Our fax # is 619-594-8412

Patrons unable to make Print Services office hours may make an appointment by calling (619) 594-0632.

Only the copiers in Current Periodicals & Microforms Center are equipped to work with coins.  All the other copiers require either an SDSUCard or a guest copy card.  The cost for a single copy is 10 cents. All copiers have reduction, enlargement, and two-sided capabilities. The color copier, available in the 24/7 Study Area, costs $1.00 per copy.

Locations of copiers:

Library Addition 
      2nd Floor: 24/7 Study Area2 copiers (cards only)
      2nd Floor: Color Copier in the 24/7 Study AreaCopy Cards Only


Love Library 
      1st Floor: Bound Periodicals/Chicano Collection3 copiers (cards only)
      1st Floor: Current Periodicals & Microforms Center (CMPC)1 copier (works with coins)
      2nd Floor: Student Computing Center1 copier (cards only)
      4th Floor: Hallway (next to Honors Study Room LL-428)1 copier (cards only)
      5th Floor: Hallway (southwest corner near elevators)1 copier (cards only)


Adding $ to cards for Printing and Copying

SDSU Card machines allow users to purchase a Guest Copy Card as well as add funds to SDSUCards (recommended for all SDSU students, faculty and staff) or Guest Copy Cards. SDSU Card machines only take bills; no credit cards or coins.  The SDSU Bookstore and the campus markets can add funds from credit cards to SDSUCards.  Funds deposited on the SDSUCards work for printing, copying, and laundry, purchases in AztecShop Markets, the Bookstore, but not for meal plans.

The Print Service Office and the Library have no access to, or responsibility for, the SDSUCARD machines. . If you have any questions regarding any policies and usage of these machines please contact the SDSUcard Office directly at (619) 594-6800 or (619) 594-3450. NOTE: Guest Copy Cards expire approximately one year after the date of purchase.

Watch a video that shows how to add money to your SDSUCard.

Location of SDSU Card Machines:

  Library Addition 
      1st Floor: Reference Services1 machine
      2nd Floor: 24/7 Study Area1 machine


  Love Library 
      1st Floor: Bound Periodicals/Chicano Collection1 machine
      2nd Floor: Student Computing Center2 machine
      5th Floor:- southwest corner near elevators1 machine


Location of change machines:

                                                                                               Library Addition 
      2nd Floor: 24/7 Study AreaBill Changer, Coin Changer


  Love Library 
      1st Floor: Bound Periodicals/Chicano CollectionBill Changer, Coin Changer
      5th Floor: southwest corner near elevatorsCoin Changer


Location of Scanners

The library's book scanners are overhead, rather than flatbed.  They create PDFs which can be emailed or saved to a flash drive.  They are not connected to computers.  The rest of the scanners are standard flatbeds, and are connected to student computers.  There is no charge for scanning at this time.

Library Addition 
      1st Floor: Reference Services1 Book Scanner
      4th Floor: Special Collections & University Archives1 Book Scanner
      Basement: Media Center10 Scanners


Love Library 
      2nd Floor: Student Computing Center2 scanners
      1st Floor: Bound Periodicals/Chicano Collection1 Book Scanner