Past students created the campus murals. 
Today's students love them, but need your help to save them. 

You can continue to be part of SDSU.  Don't miss this chance.

Or send your check (payable to The Campanile Foundation) to:  Special Projects, SDSU Library, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA  92182-8050.

Click below for information about the current projects:

The Rock 'n' Roll Mural, also called The Back Door Mural

The Alice in Wonderland Mural

Click below to learn about murals we have already saved:

2010 Restoration: San Diego Industry Mural, 1936 by George Sorenson
2007 Restoration: NRA Packages, 1937 by Genevieve Burgeson Bredo

We are grateful to our many supporters who have helped to create this wonderful living legacy in the SDSU Library.
Here is a list of our Lost Mural Restoration Donors.

For more information or help, call 619-594-2447, Lynn Hawkes.