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AIDS and the Distribution of Crises

Drawing on their investments in activism, media, anticolonialism, feminism, and queer and trans of color critiques, the panelists will outline the neoliberal logic of “crisis” structures and how AIDS is aesthetically, institutionally, and politically reproduced and experienced.

Transborder Student Ally Program lecture with Joaquín Vázquez

This lecture is hosted by the Transborder Student Ally Program (TSAP) at San Diego State University (SDSU).

Naomi Hamer Lecture

Today @ 4 pm in Room LL430.

Naomi Hamer Lecture

The Hugh C. Hyde Living Writers Series - Spring 2020

living writers series

Get a sneak peak at the authors giving readings this spring!

Living Writers Series

POSTPONED: Digital Humanities Annual Showcase + E-lit Competition

This year's Digital Humanities Showcase is postponed (date TBD), but we're still collecting project submissions to showcase in the near future!

CANCELLED: Digital Humanities Tools Workshop: Twitter

Twitter supplies a pipeline into what people are talking about, and how they talk about it. This workshop teaches you to search for and collect data from Twitter from your browser or with just a little bit of coding. We'll look at a few case studies, including mapping American dialects and investigating subtle gender biases in text, to see how these methods can be used to investigate questions within the Digital Humanities.

Digital Humanities Center - LA 61 (Bottom of Library Dome)

CANCELLED: Digital Humanities Tool Workshop: Podcasting

This workshop will be a hands-on session in creating your own podcast. We'll include podcasting best practices and learn basic editing using Audacity. Once you've learned the basics, start recording in one of the DH Center's Podcasting Studios (learn more about booking the studio). And check out our helpful Podcasting Resources

CANCELLED: Digital Humanities Faculty Research Group

The DH faculty research group at San Diego State University (SDSU) is a reading group that serves as the central hub for building a research community around topic and questions related to Digital Humanities. Faculty from across the university meet once-a-month (and over lunch!) to discuss readings in the field of digital humanities. In the process, we are creating a cohort of research faculty interested in exploring how traditional humanities matter in and for our digital world.

CANCELLED: Digital Humanities Creative Workshop: Twine Part II

Apologies, but the Twine Part II workshop has been cancelled.


Have you ever wondered how to build a “choose your own adventure” game? Do you like telling stories that offer variable endings and choices with consequence? Do you have little-to-no (or lots!) of experience coding? Then come join our two-part Twine Workshop: March 10 and March 12 from 12:30-1:45pm in the Digital Humanities Center - LA 61 (Bottom of the Dome)

Tuesday, March 10: Intro to Twine - taught by DH Programs Assistant Jared Zeiders

Digital Humanities Creative Workshop: Twine Part I

Tues, 3/10 @ 12:30 pm and Thurs, 3/12 @ 12:30 pm in the DH Center.

Twine Workshops