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How to Purchase Adobe Creative Cloud from the OntheHub/Kivuto Online Store

Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions at $25 per year for SDSU students

  1. Go to https://onthehub.sdsu.edu
  2. Sign in with your SDSUid
  3. Select Adobe Creative Cloud and Add to Cart. 
  4. Be sure the amount shown is $25 before paying!  We can not refund your money.
    Select Adobe Creative Cloud and click Add to Cart
  5. Purchase Adobe Creative Cloud. The cost for SDSU students is $25/Year.  Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud is licensed for use on up to 2 computers.

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Wait until you receive the confirmation email from Adobe <message@adobe.com> to confirm that your SDSUid has been applied.  This can take up to 30 mins after Webstore purchase.
  2. Click on the link named Your Account/Orders in the Order Invoice confirmation email, or go to https://csusdsu.onthehub.com and use the drop down arrow next to your name and select Your Account/Orders.  Login using your SDSUid, if prompted.
  3. Click View Details from the Account/Orders page.
  4. Click the Install link from the Details page:
  5. Sign into Adobe Creative Cloud applications with your SDSUid
  6. After installing, choose Sign in with an Enterprise ID link, and use your SDSUid as the Enterprise ID.  If you don't sign in using the Enterprise ID, the SDSU school license will not work.

Additional Information

More information about Adobe Creative Cloud can be found in Adobe's Creative Cloud Overview.

Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud is licensed for use on up to 2 computers.

Support is provided by helpx.adobe.com/support.html. The Computing Hub Help Desk only provides help with installing Adobe, and is not affiliated with the https://onthehub.sdsu.edu website.

Do NOT use a personal account for Adobe CC, such as the free version.  This will cause licensing issues.  After you receive the confirmation email from Adobe from purchasing the student subscription, sign out of all personal Adobe CC apps and then sign back in using your SDSUid as the Enterprise ID for the new license to take affect.

The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription license is for current students, once you graduate you will no longer qualify.   Your SDSUid license will expire around 90 days past the last day of semester you were last enrolled.