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San Diego State's Doolittle Raiders

Friday, April 18 marks the 72nd anniversary of the 1942 “Doolittle Raid,” arguably one of the most important events on the Pacific front during World War II. Led by Lt. Col.

Celebrating Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, Special Collections is pleased to showcase some of our African-American treasures!

Odd Scraps of Magical Wisdom

Special Collections is pleased to announce the opening of our new exhibit, Odd Scraps of Magical Wisdom: Secrets of the Occult in Special Collections, located in the Louis A. Kenney Reading Room of Special Collections on the fourth floor of the Library Addition.

Freedom to Read

Special Collections is pleased to support Banned Books Week and the freedom to read!   Banned Books Week is an annual event that condemns censorship and supports intellectual freedom.

LGBTQ Pride!

In celebration of San Diego LGBTQ Pride, Special Collections is proud to wave our queer flag and showcase some of our awesome rainbow-related collections!

Combat Correspondence

In honor of Memorial Day and the anniversary of D-Day, Special Collections is pleased to highlight the

Frank Kelly Freas: What, Me Worry?

If you think you recognize the smug look on this alien’s face, you’re probably right.

Exploring Palestine

In honor of Palestine Awareness Week, Special Collections is pleased to share a few unique objects from our shelves that represent the history, beauty, depth, and turmoil of this region.

A Science Fiction Lecture Series

In conjunction with our new science fiction exhibit, Strange Data, Infinite Possibilities, Special Collections is excited to announce a lecture series featuring

A Very Special Comics Collection

This week Rose Smith, our comic and anime-loving student assistant extraordinaire, showcases our very special Comics Collection!