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When buildIT's staff member and student assistants couldn't be in the physical space to be creative together, they quickly transfered their skills to virtual projects. 

Amaya's weekly build IT Projectshttps://www.instagram.com/buildit.sdsulibrary/ 
Amaya created 6 weekly build its to inspire others to continue making at home. She made a no-sew face mask, DIY keychain, no-sew sleeping mask, no-sew facemask with pleats, a painting tutorial, and a scrapbook of her time in build IT.
Belinda's Arduino Project -https://youtu.be/dg3O56Baw3E
Belinda created a tutorial for an Arduino project of her own design, combining several projects from Sparkfun Inventor's kit to show the achievability of making your own Arduino project. 
Chris' Music
Chris made music and sound effects for several of our projects including a build IT jingle, a score for a short stop motion, 2 lofi/hip hop study tracks, and many short tracks for a quarantine ideas video.
Quarantine Ideas video: https://youtu.be/h1Pg4G63AvY
Elise's Paper Projectshttps://youtu.be/I6tKs9SSgus
Elise created 3 paper projects for a video showcasing making ideas you can do at home even if you don't have an Arduino, 3d printer, or sewing machine. She found inspiration for the origami works online but created her own instructions and tutorial for making a pinata. 
James's CAD Tutorial- (video to be posted on YouTube soon)
James's video involves taking a problem (nowhere to place pliers on a rack) and cycling through the design process from ideation, prototyping and testing to land on a final product. His video will be completed shortly and will be shared when the editing is complete.
Patrick's Stop Motion Videos-
Patrick finished editing a stop motion video made in build IT as well as completed a new stop motion project meant to lift spirits during the shelter in place order. It also shows that build IT is not just for engineers, but artists, musicians and all creatives. 
Red and Blue: Filament Awakens- https://youtu.be/t04ijeV93_U
Red and Blue: Stay at Home Ideas- https://youtu.be/h1Pg4G63AvY
Cathy's Projects
  • 3 graduation Instagram Filters- https://www.instagram.com/buildit.sdsulibrary/ to help students celebrate graduation virtually. These were made using Spark AR. They are a SDSU grad cap, a closing the SDSU chapter of this life book, and a Class of 2020 crown. 
  • Lofi/hip hop study music video- https://youtu.be/MxcpBJJPPYs with help from Chris, Cathy created a study playlist. Since a good amount of patrons use build IT as a study space, she wanted to start a playlist for those at home to remind them of everyone. Cathy learned how to use Aseprite to create the pixel graphics of the video.
  • Sewing tutorial videos- https://youtu.be/MsFZawfRLq8 Cathy created a dress from scratch: from creating her own design, to creating a muslin, sewing the actual dress and making alterations. She documented it all and edited it down to create a mini-series to show students the accessibility of creating your own clothes. Also, she created the transition animations to tie the series together.