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SDSU wireless access is free to everyone. If you live in the dorms, you will need to set up your wireless via Rezcon. If you're an ALI student, you will need to login as a Guest. All other users are either an SDSU Affiliate (students, faculty and staff), guests (community users) or conference guests.

All First-Time Users

Generally, the first time you try to log on to the network, all you need to do is turn on your laptop and open a web browser. The activation page will load and then you can follow the directions and enter your information.

sdsu wireless welcome screen


SDSU Affiliates

The Activation screen looks like this for SDSU Affiliates (students, faculty and staff):

sdsu wireless registration screen



The Activation screen looks like this for Guests (community users or Non-SDSU Affiliates):

sdsu wireless guest screen


Conference Guests

The Activation screen looks like this for Conference Guests:

sdsu wireless conference screen

Your wireless connection should work immediately after you complete the form and you will be redirected to http://www.sdsu.edu. If it doesn't, make sure your network settings are correct (not set to a manual IP address, for instance) and you're getting a signal from Wireless_SDSU.


Most Common Error Questions:

1. "I filled out this form and it's giving me an error message saying I filled it out wrong. What happened?"

Make sure you check the little check box at the very bottom of the page(see arrow in above picture) on the left side and try clicking on Activate again.

2. "I think my MAC address is blocked. How do I fix this?"

Please come to the Library Computing Hub Help Desk (2nd floor Love Library by the amphitheater) and we can help you determine if it is. Unfortunately, we cannot determine this over the phone.

Living in the Dorms?

Rezcon is your contact for computer and wireless info.

Contact Us

Computing Hub Help Desk

Location: Love Library 2nd Floor
Phone: 619.594.3189
Email: hub@mail.sdsu.edu

sdsu library computing hub interior