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LibKey Nomad

If you want easy access to SDSU Library subscriptions from publisher web sites, PubMed, or Wikipedia, the Nomad extension for Chrome can help.

Look for LibKey Nomad in the Chrome Web Store, and add it to Chrome.

LibKey Nomad in the Chrome Web Store

Once it is added to Chrome, select San Diego State University as your Institution.

Select SDSU in the LibKey Nomad login window

Then when you search in PubMed, you will see links that will take you directly to the article pdf if we have a subscription, to the article if it is open access, or to our catalog if we don’t have the article and you need to use Interlibrary Loan (remember ILL articles are free).

PubMed search results with LibKey

Note the "View Complete Issue" button. Nomad works with Browzine to show you contents pages of journal issues.

When you are on a publisher site, the Nomad link will be in the lower left. That will lead you to a pdf if SDSU Library has a subscription, or to our catalog so you can order via ILL.

LibKey link on a publisher site

Nomad also works with Wikipedia, making it easier to get to the original sources for some of the journals referenced in Wiki entries.

LibKey links in a Wikipedia article


Questions? Problems? Please contact Kate Holvoet (khovoet AT sdsu DOT edu) or Margaret Henderson (margaret DOT henderson AT sdsu DOT edu)