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entire library open 24/7

Our special extended hours for finals are back! We're opening up the entire library on a 24 hour basis, with separate schedules for the Library Computing Hub, Special Collections, and Digital Humanities Center. Our extended hours begin on Monday, May 7 at 7 am and end on Thursday, May 16 at midnight.

The Library Computing Hub WILL close at midnight during finals week so you'll need to relocate to another place in the library to study.

Please have your SDSU ID with you, so you can show it to security guards when asked. There will also be ID checks for those entering the building after midnight. As a reminder, the extended study hours is only available to SDSU students.

We'd also also like to remind everyone of the three food friendly areas in the library: the 24/7 area on the second floor of the dome, the laptop lounge in the basement of the dome and the third floor of Love Library. Please don't eat in any other section of the library.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to contact a librarian here: http://library.sdsu.edu/help-services/ask-librarian or tweet us at @sdsulibrary.