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Some federal datasets have been impacted by the ongoing federal government shutdown. While most datasets are still publicly available, including datasets from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are potential long-term implications as datasets which are created from daily, weekly, or monthly surveys may have gaps in data collection. Some examples of agencies impacted include:

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis – delay in releasing datasets related to GDP and potentially other datasets released on a quarterly basis.
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics – currently not collecting or updated data on crime, sentencing, prisons, or other data.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics – possible delay in data collected in conjunction with the U.S. Census Bureau (such as the public-use microdata files for the Current Population Survey).
  • Census Bureau – operations related to the 2020 Decennial Census continue, but datasets related to new home sales, construction, manufacturing, and international trade are not being published and/or updated. There is likely also an impact on the American Community Survey data collection as the survey is conducted monthly and aggregated into yearly datasets.
  • Department of Agriculture – statistical offices are closed and as a result data on global supply and demand for agricultural goods are not being updated. These datasets are utilized to help farmers to determine potential demand for crops in the 2019 growing season.
  • Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics – will delay releases of data.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – data releases are likely to be delayed.

Other federal agencies may also experience delays in data collection or data releases. Additional details are available at: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/01/09/the-data-casualties-of-the-federal-government-shutdown/

Questions? Please contact Michael Howser, Social Sciences and Data Librarian, at mhowser@sdsu.edu.