Library Resources for Blackboard 9

Add a Librarian

    Adding Librarian Contact Information in Blackboard 9

    A librarian is assigned to every major or subject area on campus. Consider collaborating with your librarian to enhance student learning in your courses on Blackboard.

    Locate your librarian on the Library's website:


    How to integrate this into Blackboard:

    • From the Course Menu in Blackboard, choose the 'Library Resources' Content Area (or another content area of your choosing.  See the 'Getting Started' tab for how to create a Library Resources folder in Blackboard
    • Select 'Build Content,' 'Create,' and 'Item.'
    • Type "Your Librarian" in the Name Field. Press Ctrl-V to paste the librarian's information in the Text box. Note: you may wish to do some editing
    • Click Submit


    Alternative Integration Method: Add your librarian to the Contacts area.

    • Follow the link to your librarian liaison's homepage from this page:
    • From the Course Menu in Blackboard, choose the Contacts link. To add the 'Contacts' link to your Course Menu, click the '+' icon, choose 'Create Tool Link,' name your link (e.g. 'Contacts'), and change the drop-down menu for Type to 'Contacts.'
    • Select 'Create Contact' and add the librarian's information.
    • Under Options, make the profile available.