Library Resources for Blackboard 9

Link to Databases

    Adding Links to Databases in Blackboard 9

    You can create links to specific databases to assist students in the research process.

    Locate the database you want to add from the Library's website.
    Please note: It is critical that you link to the database from the Library's website and not the general Internet.

    • Choose specific databases from this page:
    • Right click with your mouse on the name of a database
    • Click on Copy Link Location or Address (wording varies depending on your web browser)


    How to integrate this into Blackboard:

    • From the Course Menu in Blackboard, choose the 'Library Resources' Content Area, if you have created one
    • If you plan to add more than one database, consider adding a new folder called 'Library Databases' inside of the 'Library Resources' content area. To do this: Select 'Build Content,' 'New Page,' and 'Content Folder'
    • In either the 'Library Resources' or 'Library Databases' folder, select 'Build Content,' 'Create,' and 'URL'
    • Type "[Title of Database]" in the Name Field
    • Press Ctrl-V to paste the URL into the URL field
    • Click Submit