Library Resources for Blackboard 9

Add Infolit Activities

    Adding a Link to Information Literacy Activities in Blackboard 9

    The SDSU Library and Information Access online Information Literacy Explorer includes a variety of research-oriented handouts and student learning activities to help engage your students in the research process. Materials are available in both PDF and Word document formats and are matched to the Association of College & Research Libraries' (ACRL) standards and student learning outcomes for information literacy.

    Note: A variety of prepackaged Information Literacy Student Learning Activity Packets, complete with handouts, activities, discussion board topics and quizzes are also available.

    Locate the handouts and activities you wish to include:

    How to integrate this into Blackboard:

    • From the Course Menu in Blackboard, choose the Content Area where you'd like an item to appear, such as Assignments
    • Select 'Build Content,' 'Create,' and 'Web Link'
    • Type in the name of the activity or handout
    • Press Ctrl-V to paste the URL into the URL field
    • Click Submit