Library Resources for Blackboard 9

Link to Articles

    Adding Links to Specific Journal Articles in Blackboard 9

    The library's Journal & Article Linker is a tool to generate a link for Blackboard to the full-text of a particular journal article or to a whole journal.  The library recommends using this tool to generate links to journal articles over other methods of linking to articles for two reasons: 1) As it uses the SFX knowledge base(tm) the link should always be up-to-date and 2) The url is short and easy to import into Blackboard.

    Once the link is generated, here is how to integrate it into Blackboard:

    • From the Course Menu in Blackboard, choose the Content Area where you'd like the article to appear, such as Assignments, Library Resources, or Course Readings
    • Select 'Build Content,' 'Create,' and 'Item'
    • Under Content Information
      • Make sure the Text Editor is ON
      • Enter a Name
      • In Text Editor toggle the < > (HTML Source Mode) button
      • Paste the HTML in the Text area
      • Click Submit at the bottom of the page
      • Click OK