Library Resources for Blackboard 9

Getting Started

    Integrating Library Services, Resources, and Information Literacy into Blackboard 9

    This guide is designed to help SDSU faculty integrate library services, resources and information literacy into their courses on Blackboard.   Please feel free to contact your library liaison for more help integrating library resources into Blackboard.


    Consider Creating a direct link on your Course Menu called 'SDSU Library'
    Blackboard 8 included a SDSU Library tab that was constantly visible to all students, staff, and faculty in Blackboard that allowed students to easily link to research resources and help. Blackboard 9 does not currently have this important functionality so we are asking that faculty consider including the library on their course menus.


    How to create a link to the 'SDSU Library' on your Course Menu:

    • With edit mode on, click on the '+' icon on the Course Menu
    • Choose 'Create External Link'
    • Type in 'SDSU Library' in the name field
    • Press Ctrl-V to paste the URL into the URL field
    • Check the box 'Available to Users'
    • Click 'Submit'


    Consider Creating a Folder for Library Resources in Your Course on Blackboard
    Library resources can be embedded throughout your Blackboard course or they may be included in one folder.  You may consider adding library resources, such as databases, subject guides, librarian contact information, and Live Help to a special 'Library Resources' folder.


    How to create the 'Library Resources' folder in Blackboard:

    • With edit mode on, click on the '+' icon on the Course Menu
    • Create a 'Content Area'
    • Type in 'Library Resources' to name the Content Area