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Registering for Copyright Protection

Copyright protection is secured automatically when a work is created and may be registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office. Works do not need to be registered but, there are legal advantages to doing so. The symbol ©, the word "Copyright," or "Copr." and the year of publication and name of owner are used to notify the public that the work is protected by copyright. Sound recordings use the letter P in a circle. Example: © 1997 John Doe. Processing times vary.  It can take the Copyright Office 9 to 22 months to process registrations.  Current processing times are available.

Registration is secured by submitting a:

1. Completed application form,
2. Fee ($35 - $50),
3. Nonreturnable copy of the work to be registered.

For more information see: Copyright Registration (U.S. Copyright Office).

Posted: 2010-03-16