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#ihaveyourback no hate at state

Recent events nationally and on campus have left many wondering what they can do to support others. Although we all hope that no more incidents of hate will occur, we cannot deny that many members of our campus community are currently living with a heightened sense of fear or dread. What can we do as individuals to help?

#IHaveYourBack is a simple, personal choice movement originating from within Love Library. The library strives to be a safe and inclusive environment for all, but what happens between the library and your car, or classroom, or dorm room? Much like the safety pin, when you choose to display an #IHaveYourBack sticker or office sign, you are saying that you will help someone who is feeling vulnerable get from one safe space to another. By participating in #IHaveYourBack you are saying that you will step up to provide help however best you can in the moment. 

To learn more, you can read about the campaign here (http://libguides.sdsu.edu/ihaveyourback), as well as find helpful campus phone numbers and a few links to effective nonviolent intervention strategies. Most librarians have stickers available for distribution if you would like to have one.

These basic safety tips and more can be found on the Campus Police website (http://www.police.sdsu.edu/dps/)

  • Always dial 911 in an emergency.
  • If you are in the library 24/7 Area after normal hours, please make use of the shuttle service that will drop you off at campus parking structures and dorms.
  • Learn where the “Blue Light” emergency call stations are located across campus and use them as needed.
  • If you frequently walk alone after dark, please avoid being distracted by listening to music or talking/texting on your phone and carry a keychain flashlight. Be aware of your surroundings.