The mind test / by Rita Aero and Elliot Weiner
New York : Morrow, 1981

3rd Floor Books BF176 .A43

Social Desirability Scale
p. 17

Locus of Control scale
p. 20

Self-Acceptance Scale
p. 24

Change Seeker Index
p. 28

Self-Image Checklist
p. 35

Fear of Appearing Incompetent Scale
p. 38

Life Change Index Scale
p. 45

The Annoyance List
p. 47

Physical Anxiety Questionnaire
p. 49

Stress Quiz
p. 51

Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale
p. 57

Hostility Inventory
p. 60

Self-Consciousness Scale
p. 67

Moral Anxiety Questionnaire
p. 70

Death Concern Scale
p. 72

Fear Survey Schedule II
p. 79

Dental Anxiety Scale
p. 82

Anxiety Questionnaires
p. 84

Reducer-Augmenter Scale
p. 92

Marital Adjustment Test
p. 101

Index of Family Relations
p. 103

Marital Role Decisions Questionnaire
p. 107

Index of Sexual Satisfaction
p. 115

Beck Depression Inventory
p. 121

Desire for Novelty Scale
p. 126

Self-Rating Depression Scale
p. 128

Generalized Contentment Scale
p. 131

Interest Check List
p. 137

Telic Dominance Scale
p. 142

Job Satisfaction Index
p. 146

The Quick Job-Hunting Map: The Party
p. 151

Acceptance of Others Scale
p. 157

Social Interest Scale
p. 160

Index of Peer Relations
p. 163

Assertion Questionnaire
p. 166

Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help Scale
p. 173