Thirteen strategies to measure college teaching : a consumer's guide to rating scale construction, assessment, and decision making for faculty, administrators, and clinicians / Ronald A. Berk
Sterling, Va. : Stylus Pub., 2006

4th Floor Books LB2333 .B47 2006

Course Evaluation Scale
p. 242

Clinical Faculty Evaluation Scale
p. 244

Guest Lecturer Evaluation Scale
p. 245

Peer Evaluation Scale
p. 246

Empoyer Rating Form
p. 249

Clinical Course Faculty Performance Appraisal Form
p. 253

Mentorship Profile Questionnaire
p. 255

Mentorship Effectiveness Scale
p. 256

Multi-Source Feedback: 360 Degrees Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB)
p. 258

Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB): Summary for Appraisal Meeting
p. 259

Multi-Source Feedback: 360 Degrees Assessment of Professional Skills of Clinical Director
p. 260

Sheffield Peer Review Assessment Tool (SPRAT)
p. 261

mini-PAT (Peer Assessment Tool -- F2 Version)
p. 263

Self mini-PAT (Peer Assessment Tool)
p. 265

PHAST Diagnostic Questionnaire
p. 267