Assessments A to Z : a collection of 50 questionnaires, instruments, and inventories / Bonnie Burn, Maggi Payment
San Francisco : Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, c2000

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Is Your Business Writing Streamlined?
p. 41

What Do You Need to Learn About Writing and Managing E-Mail?
p. 59

Is It Time to Check Your Writing Skills?
p. 111

Do You Understand Buzz Words?
p. 219

Are You Satisfied with Your Job?
p. 95

Do You Have Up-to-Date Job Search Skills?
p. 99

What Do Mentors Do?
p. 121

Do You Know How to Negotiate for a Pay Increase?
p. 125

How Could You Use Networking for Job Advancement?
p. 127

Does Your Job Make You Unhappy?
p. 203

Are You in Charge of Your Career?
p. 215

Are You an Effective Trainer?
p. 211

How Much Change Have You Experienced at Work?
p. 45

Are You a Risk Taker at Work?
p. 155

Are You Assertive?
p. 29

Do You Know Geek Speak?
p. 71

Ready for Your Humor Checkup?
p. 83

How Do You Handle Interruptions at Work?
p. 91

How Do You Rate Your Listening Skills?
p. 115

What Do You Know About Office Politics?
p. 131

Can You Use Open-Ended and Closed Questions with Customers?
p. 147

Are You Good with Customers on the Phone?
p. 53

How Important is Quality?
p. 143

Do You Know Proven Ways to Calm Upset Customers?
p. 185

What Skills Do Effective Facilitators Practice?
p. 67

Can You List the Steps for Setting a Goal?
p. 75

Is Leadership Lacking in Your Workplace?
p. 107

What Are Your Views on Coaching Employees?
p. 49

What Are the Benefits of Delegating?
p. 57

Do You Know Twelve Steps for Problem Solving?
p. 139

How Can You Reward and Recognize Your Team Members?
p. 151

How Can You Have More Effective Meetings?
p. 119

Do You Use Visual Aids Effectively?
p. 193

How is Your Attitude at Work?
p. 33

Are You a Candidate for Job Burnout?
p. 37

What Are Your Most Important Work Values?
p. 189

Are You Ready to Be a Keynote Speaker?
p. 103

What Makes Ergonomic Sense at Your Computer?
p. 63

Is Your Home Office Safe and Functional?
p. 79

Do You Know How to Manage Personal Stress?
p. 159

Are You Working Too Much?
p. 207

What Are the Benefits of Team Decision Making?
p. 163

What Are Your Responsibilities as a Team Member?
p. 165

What Questions Do You Have About Telecommuting?
p. 169

Are You Able to Modulate Your Voice Over the Telephone?
p. 197

Are You on Information Overload?
p. 87

Do You Know Enough About Organizing Your Work Space?
p. 135

Can You Sequence Ten Steps for Effective Time Management?
p. 173

Do You Know the Steps to Training Design?
p. 177

Which Training Techniques Do You Practice?
p. 181