Assessment scales in old age psychiatry / Alistair Burns, Brian Lawlor, Sarah Craig
Taylor & Francis, 2004
2nd ed

Ref Desk RC473.P78 B87 2004

Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) 2

Geriatric Depression Scale (Residential) 4

A Collateral Source Version of the Geriatric Depression Rating Scale 5

Hamilton Depression Rating Scale 6

Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) 7

Montgomery and Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) 8

Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia 9

Brief Assessment Schedule Depression Cards (BASDEC) 10

Center for Epidemiological Studies - Depression Scale (CES-D) 13

OARS Depressive Scale (ODS) 14

Depressive Signs Scale (DSS) 15

Carroll Rating Scale (CRS) 16

Mood Scales - Elderly (MS-E) 18

Mania Rating Scale 19

Checklist Differentiating pseudodementia from dementia 21

NIMH Dementia Mood Assessment Scale (DMAS) 23

Emotionalism and Mood Disorders after Stroke 26

EURO-D scale 28

Brief Assessment Scale for Depression 29

The Even Briefer Assessment Scale for Depression (EBAS-DEP) 31

Short Anxiety Screening Test 32

Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) 36

The Severe MMSE 38

Standardized Mini-Mental State Examination (SMMSE) 40

The Modified MMSE (3MS) Examination 42

Mental Test Score (MTS)/Abbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS) 44

Blessed Dementia Scale 46

ADAS/ADAS-Cog, ADAS-Non-Cog 48

Mattis Dementia Rating Scale (DRS) 50

Clock Drawing Test 51

The Ten-Point Clock Test 55

Clifton Assessment Procedures for the Elderly (CAPE) 56

The Mini-Cog 60

Brief Cognitive Rating Scale (BCRS) 61

Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) 63

Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire (SPMSQ) 64

SET Test 66

Short Mental Status Questionnaire 67

Short Orientation-Memory-Concentration Test 68

Syndrome Kurztest (SKT) 69

Cognitive Abilities Screening Instrument (CASI) 70

Cognitive Drug Research Assessment System (COGDRAS) 71

Kew Cognitive Test 73

Severe Impairment Battery (SIB) 74

Mental Status Questionnaire (MSQ)/Face-Hand Test (FHT) 75

Cognitive Capacity Screening Examination 76

7-Minute Neurocognitive Screening Battery 77

Revised Hasegawa’s Dementia Scale (HDS-R) 78

The Time and Change Test 79

Memory Impairment Screen 80

Structured Telephone Interview for Dementia (STIDA) 81

Deterioration de Cognition Observee (DECO) 83

Objective Assessment of Praxis 84

Lay Person-Based Screening for Early Detection of AD 85

The Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status 86

Observation list for Early Signs of Dementia (OLD) 88

Early Signs of Dementia Checklist 89

A Cognitive Screening Battery for Dementia in the Elderly 90

Test Battery for the Diagnosis of Dementia in Individuals with Intellectual Disability 91

The Test for Severe Impairment (TSI) 92

The Frontal Behavioral Inventory 93

The General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition (GPCOG) 95

Computerized Cognitive Examination of the Elderly (ECO) 97

The Neuropsychological Impairment Scale - Senior (NIS-S) 98

Short and Sweet Screening Instrument (SAS-SI) 100

Middlesex Elderly Assessment of Mental State (MEAMS) 101

The Executive Interview 102

Short Cognitive/Neuropsychologic Test Battery for First-Tier Fitness-to-Drive Assessment of Older Adults 103 Neuropsychological Tests 104

Buschke Selective Reminding Test 106

Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test 107

Rey Osterrieth Complex Figure 108

Trail Making Test 109

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-III) 110

Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS-III) 111

Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) 112

National Adult Reading Test (NART) 113

Verbal Fluency: FAS Test/Category Fluency 114

Stroop Colour-Word Test 115

Boston Naming Test 116

Stepwise Comparative Status Analysis (STEP) 117

Personality Inventory 124


Neuropsychiatric Inventory (NPI) 128

Neuropsychiatric Inventory with Caregiver Distress Scale 129

Columbia University Scale for Psychopathology in AD (CUSPAD) 130

Manchester and Oxford Universities Scale for the Psychopathological Assessment of Dementia (MOUSEPAD) 133

Present Behavioural Examination (PBE) 137

CERAD Behavioural Rating Scale 138

Rating Scale for Aggressive Behaviour in the Elderly (RAGE) 142

Overt Aggression Scale (OAS) 144

Neurobehavioural Rating Scale (NRS) 146

Caretaker Obstreperous Behaviour Rating Assessment (COBRA) scale 148

Nurses’ Observation Scale for Inpatient Evaluation (NOSIE) 150

Disruptive Behavior Rating Scales (DBRS) 152

Ryden Aggression Scale 154

Agitated Behavior Mapping Instrument (ABMI) 157

Brief Agitation Rating Scale (BARS) 158

Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory (CMAI) - Long Form 159

Observed Agitation in Patients with DAT (SOAPD) 160

Dementia Behavior Disturbance Scale 162

Pittsburgh Agitation Scale (PAS) 163

Dysfunctional Behaviour Rating Instrument (DBRI) 165

Irritability, Aggression and Apathy Scale 166

Apathy Scale for Parkinson’s Disease 168

BEAM-D 169

Clinical Rating Scale for Symptoms of Psychosis in AD (SPAD) 171

Georagsobber Vatieschaal voor de Intramurale Psychogeriatrie (GIP) 173

Nursing Home Behavior Problem Scale (NHBPS) 174

The California Dementia Behavior Questionnaire Caregiver and Clinical Assessment of Behavioral Disturbance 175

Harmful Behaviours Scale 176

The Challenging Behaviour Scale (CBS) 177

Behavioural Activities in Demented Geriatric Patients 178

Behavior Rating Scale for Dementia (BRSD) 179

Resistiveness to Care Scale (RTC-DAT) 181

The Agitated Behavior in Dementia Scale 182

Rating Anxiety in Dementia (RAID) 183

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (IADL) 186

Interview for Deterioration in Daily Living Activities in Dementia (IDDD) 188

Barthel Index 190

Progressive Deterioration Scale (PDS) 191

Functional Activities Questionnaire (FAQ) 192

Daily Activities Questionnaire (DAQ) 194

Bristol Activities of Daily Living Scale 195

Direct Assessment of Functional Status (DAFS) 197

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Index 199

Cleveland Scale for ADL (CSADL) 200

Cognitive Performance Test 201

Present Functioning Questionnaire (PFQ) and Functional Rating Scale (FRS) 202

Dressing Performance Scale 205

Rapid Disability Rating Scale – 2 (RDRS-2) 207

Functional Dementia Scale (FDS) 209

Performance Test of Activities of Daily Living (PADL) 210

Structured Assessment of Independent Living Skills (SALES) 212

Direct Assessment of ADL in AD 215

Refined ADL Assessment Scale (RADL) 216

Bayer Activities of Daily Living Scale (B-ADL) 218

The Disability Assessment for Dementia (DAD) 219

The Alzheimer’s Disease Functional Assessment and Change Scale (ADFACS) 220

Physical Self-Maintenance Scale and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) 221

Dependence Scale 222

The Alzheimer’s Disease ADL International Scale (ADL-IS) 223

The Texas Functional Living Scale 227

EuroQol 228

Quality of Life in Dementia 229

Lancashire QoL Profile (Residential) 230

QoL in AD: Patient and Caregiver Report (QOL-AD) 232

Functional Assessment Staging (FAST) 235

Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) 236

Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) 238

Clinicians’ Global Impression of Change 240

Crichton Royal Behavioural Rating Scale (CRBRS) 241

Psychogeriatric Dependency Rating Scales (PGDRS) 243

Dementia Rating Scale 245

GBS Scale 246

Geriatric Rating Scale (GRS) 247

PAMIE Scale 248

Stockton Geriatric Rating Scale 250

Hierarchic Dementia Scale 251

Sandoz Clinical Assessment – Geriatric (SCAG) 253

Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale (CPRS) 255

Validity and Reliability of the Alzheimer’s Disease Co-operative Study – Clinical, Global Impression of Changes (ADCS-CGIC) 256

Echelle Comportement et Adaptation (ECA) Scale 257

CarenapD 258

The FSAB Battery 259

Milan Overall Dementia Assessment 260

Cognitively Impaired Life Quality Scale (CILQ) 262

Quality of Life Assessment Schedule (QOLAS) 263

The Dementia Quality of Life Instrument 264

An Instrument for Assessing Health-Related QoL in Persons with AD (ADRQL) 265

Cornell-Brown Scale for QoL in Dementia 266

The Bedford Alzheimer Nursing Severity Scale for the Severely Demented 267

Quality of Well-Being Scale 268

Community Screening Instrument for Dementia (CSI-D) 269

Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) 272

Relative’s Assessment of Global Symptomatology (RAGS) 274

Structured Interview for the Diagnosis of the Alzheimer’s Type and Multi-infarct Dementia and Dementias of other Aetiology (SIDAM) 275

Global Assessment of Psychiatric Symptoms (GAPS) 276

The Core Assessment and Outcomes Package for Older People 277

Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales (PAS) 278

Geriatric Mental State Schedule (GMSS) 279

Canberra Interview for the Elderly (CIE) 280

Survey Psychiatric Assessment Schedule (SPAS) 281

Multidimensional Observation Scale for Elderly Subjects (MOSES) 284

Cambridge Mental Disorders of the Elderly Examination (CAMDEX) 286

Nurses’ Observation Scale for Geriatric Patients (NOSGER) 288

Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Evaluation (CARE) 290

The Philadelphia Geriatric Center Multilevel Assessment Instrument 292


Camberwell Assessment of Need for the Elderly (CANE) 294

Easycare: Elderly Assessment System 295

The MOS 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) 296

Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for Older People (HoNOS 65+) 297

Cambridge Neurological Inventory 301

Webster Scale 302

Tardive Dyskinesia Rating Scale (TDRS) 304

Neurological Evaluation Scale (NES) 305

Quantification of Physical Illness in Psychiatric Research in the Elderly 306

London Handicap Scale 307

General Medical Health Rating (GMHR) 309

Simpson-Angus Scale (SAS) 310

Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale (BAS, BARS) 311

Delirium Symptom Interview (DSI) 314

Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) 315

Delirium Rating Scale (DRS) 317

The Delirium Index (DI) 319

Problem Checklist and Strain Scale 322

Ways of Coping Checklist: Revision and Psychometric Properties 324

Screen for Caregiver Burden (SCB) 326

Burden Interview 327

Caregiving Hassles Scale 328

Marital Intimacy Scale 330

Revised Memory and Behavior Problems Checklist 332

Caregiver Activity Survey (CAS) 333

General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) 334

TRIMS Behavioral Problem Checklist (BPC) 336

Geriatric Evaluation by Relative’s Rating Instrument (GERRI) 337

Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale 339

Behavioural and Mood Disturbance Scale (BMDS) 340

The Pleasant Events Schedule – AD 341

Caregiver Time Use 343

Multidimensional Caregiver Burden Inventory 344

Cognitive Failures Questionnaire (CFQ) 346

Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly (IQCODE) 348

Metamemory in Adulthood (MIA) Questionnaire 350

Memory Functioning Questionnaire (MFQ) 351

The Knowledge of Memory Aging Questionnaire 352

Multiphasic Environmental Assessment Procedure (MEAP) 356

Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale 357

Cumulative Illness Rating Scale (CIRS) 359

Measurement of Morale in the Elderly 360

Retrospective Postmortem Dementia Assessment (RCD-I) 364

Quality of Interactions Schedule (QUIS) 365


Ischaemic Score 367

The CAGE Questionnaire 368

MAST-G 369


Mini Nutritional Assessment 371

The Resource Utilization in Dementia (RUD) Instrument 372

The Alzheimer’s Disease Knowledge Test 373